Things I Want Accomplish Before Turning 23

Quote of the day: “A month from now… you can either have a month of progress OR a month of excuses why you didn’t.” For the past two years I’ve created a list of things I wanted to accomplish before my upcoming birthday. Well, my 23rd birthday (November 9) is just about two months away and once again I am choosing a few things I want to fulfill. I enjoy doing this because it gives me an actual end date rather than “I want to do this at some point in my life.” Hmm so what to accomplish this year?

What I Actually Accomplished Before Turning 21

Around two months ago I made a blog post mentioning things I wanted to accomplish before turning 21 (November 9). I will link it down below so you can go check that out. Now that I am officially 21, I am going to sure with you all what I actually managed to accomplish! I feel like the goals I made this year were a lot more attainable and I think that is what I need to start doing for my New Year’s Resolutions and other goals I set. So, here we go…let’s see if I was a failure or not. Things I Accomplished Before Turning…