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  • Travel Diary: Laguna Beach

    Travel Diary: Laguna Beach
  • Internal Thoughts: Dating Someone Similar to Myself

    Internal Thoughts: Dating Someone Similar to Myself
  • My Workout Routine

    My Workout Routine

New York City: Day 1

It’s officially Spring Break! After a really tough term, I thought a NYC/Boston trip was a must…even though now I wish I kind of choice to go to Hawaii…but I’m still happy I am on…

My Love Language

The “5 Love Languages” survey has been around for many years now. I remember people talking about it in high school, but I never took it until I was in college. This survey consists of…

Story Time: 19 Hour Drive

Boy do I have a story to tell you all (actually like two stories). These two stories have to deal with a snowstorm in Oregon… most wild thing ever! I will share part one now…

Why I Don’t Wear Makeup

When I was in seventh grade, I started noticing girls at my school wearing makeup. I thought it was something most girls did, so I decided to hop on the train. For hours, I would…

My Top Study Tips

After many many years of school (17 years to be exact), I feel like I’ve cumulated the best ways to study, at least for myself. To start off, let me tell you about my academic…