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  • My 22nd Birthday

    My 22nd Birthday
  • Travel Diary: Maui (Day 4, 5, & 6)

    Travel Diary: Maui (Day 4, 5, & 6)
  • Travel Diary: Maui (Day 1,2, & 3)

    Travel Diary: Maui (Day 1,2, & 3)

How I Stay Motivated to Workout

In my last post I mentioned how I workout around 5x a week. I don’t think 5 days is too intense. In fact, I think it is the perfect amount. I think if I went…

Summer Fitness Goals

Summer is officially here, thank the lord. I am so stoked to be able to wear shorts and a t-shirt every day! I feel like right before summer starts, everyone is striving to achieve that…

What’s New For TaylorMeetsWorldd

I’ve been going through a lot of change in my life recently as I’m sure you all know if you keep up to date with my blog. With college over and me unsure what to…

Senior Year Reflection and Graduation

I officially graduated from the University of Oregon on June 17, 2019. I cannot believe that my college career is over. It is crazy how fast four years flew by. It’s so bitter-sweet that college…

Graduation Photos Round One

Hey all! So I’m officially graduating in one freaking month! At the beginning of the term I was so ready to leave and be done, but now I’m starting to freak out and I’m not…