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  • How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

    How to Stay Healthy When Traveling
  • What I Packed: Cabo

    What I Packed: Cabo
  • How I Deal With STRESS

    How I Deal With STRESS

Boston: Day 1

I am officially in Boston now and I could not be happier! It is so much quieter and cleaner and just all around better than New York City. It’s honestly my favorite city ever…well maybe…

New York City: Day 3

Back with day three in New York City! This day was really fun because I got to see the one and only Erin Goode. We pretty much spent the whole day together…ew. JK. Day Three: …

New York City: Day 2

Keeping the intro real short today! I’m back with day two of Spring Break in New York City! Day Two:  Day two was just me and my mom. We started the day off going to…

New York City: Day 1

It’s officially Spring Break! After a really tough term, I thought a NYC/Boston trip was a must…even though now I wish I kind of choice to go to Hawaii…but I’m still happy I am on…

My Love Language

The “5 Love Languages” survey has been around for many years now. I remember people talking about it in high school, but I never took it until I was in college. This survey consists of…