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  • Travel Diary: Laguna Beach

    Travel Diary: Laguna Beach
  • Internal Thoughts: Dating Someone Similar to Myself

    Internal Thoughts: Dating Someone Similar to Myself
  • My Workout Routine

    My Workout Routine

A Letter From My Sister

My sister graduated from the University of Oregon three years ago. She was lost (I think) as are most college graduates, like me, but she’s managed to figure out the path she wants to take.…

Eight Things I Regret From College

My four years at the University of Oregon were amazing. I genuinely had a great college experience and feel so lucky that I was able to make life-long friends, study a really fascinating subject, and…

A Week In My Life

This past week (July 1- July 7) my boyfriend came to visit me! He’s from Portland and hasn’t really explored the Bay Area too much, so I was happy to show him around and take…

Let’s Talk Plants

I am super excited about this post because it involves plants and my friend Mekinsie. I met Mekinsie during summer school in 2017; however, I think just this year I found out about her LOVE…

Why Nutrition?

If you are new to my blog or just haven’t dug too deep into it, then you maybe wouldn’t know that I am very passionate about nutrition. A lot of people ask me why I…