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  • Travel Diary: Laguna Beach

    Travel Diary: Laguna Beach
  • Internal Thoughts: Dating Someone Similar to Myself

    Internal Thoughts: Dating Someone Similar to Myself
  • My Workout Routine

    My Workout Routine

Travel Guide: San Francisco

San Francisco is honestly such an amazing city. Living only 30 minutes away, I often find myself visiting the city for mini day trips. I love feeling like a tourist even though I live so…

New Year Resolutions: 2018

2018? How did that happen? I feel so ridiculously old and I am not even 21 yet haha! With a new year comes new resolutions (that I really never stick to). I honestly don’t know…

Holiday Wishlist

Can you believe that Christmas is only a week away? This holiday season is going by so fast and I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that it is almost over. But when…

Christmas Tree Farm

I am officially done with fall term! I am so happy to be done and now I get to go home and just relax for a whole month! I’m stoked. For the last day of…

Holiday Gift Guide: Him

I find shopping for guys so hard. Whether it be for my dad, my boyfriend, or just a friend, I never have any clue what to get! Is it just me or what? This year…