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  • Matcha Latte

    Matcha Latte
  • Things I Want to Accomplish Before Turning 22

    Things I Want to Accomplish  Before Turning 22
  • Homemade Almond Milk

    Homemade Almond Milk

Travel Diary: Laguna Beach

My mom, sister, and I decided to take a little girls trip to Southern California. More specifically we went to Orange County. The weather was amazing, the people were nice, and the scenery was BEAUTIFUL.…

Internal Thoughts: Dating Someone Similar to Myself

It is commonly said that “opposites attract and likes repel”. I believed this for a long time, especially while I was dating my former boyfriend. We were the definition of opposite. He’s extroverted. I’m introverted.…

My Workout Routine

A few days ago I decided to film myself in the gym to show you what my typical workout looks like. Let me start off by saying that filming in the gym is freaking weird.…

A Week In My Life

I just got back from visiting my boyfriend in Portland, Oregon! About a month ago Drew came to visit me in the Bay Area, so now it was my turn to visit him and have…

Five Random Things About Me

If I’m being completely honest, I had no clue what to post today. I stared at my computer screen for a while trying to come up with ideas, but my mind was completely blank. I…