Roasting Gen Z Fashion Trends

Roasting Gen Z Fashion Trends

Word of the Day: ulotrichous (adj.) – having wooly or curly hair

What do you think when you think of Gen Z? Some people think of Gen Zs as super tech-savvy and big multitaskers. However, I think most people think of Gen Zs as social media crazy, Tik Tok obsessed “children.” Unfortunately, I am in the Gen Z generation… barely. Millennials range from 1981-1996 and Get Zs range from 1997-2012. I was born in 1997, but whatever, I’m more of a millennial anyways.

One thing that I’ve been seeing a lot are all these “Gen Z Fashion Trends.” For starters I am not a trendy person at all. If you ask my mom, she’ll tell you that I’m always like 2 years behind what’s “trending.” What can I say? I like what I like and I’m not going to change and wear something that I find completely heinous. Today I will comment on these very popular Gen Z trends.

  • Baggy, Oversized Jeans
    That is a BIG thumbs down for me. I 100% will never ever wear oversized jeans. Skinny jeans all the way. I personally think oversized jeans look kind of sloppy and just not flattering at all. Also, I kind of think this style of jeans is catered towards tall, skinny people. If I wore these, me being 5’0 and not a stick, I would look absolutely ridiculous. So I will definitely be sticking to skinny jeans.
  • Chunky Sneakers
    Yeah, pass… again. I am genuinely so curious why people like chunky sneakers. Like they make your feet look massive. Also, how do you pack these things in your suitcase? I feel like they would take up so much room! If you’re trying to make a statement and stand out, this is definitely the trend for you. I will be staring at your feet all day.
  • Biker Shorts
    I feel like everyone wears biker shorts now regardless of whether or not it’s for workout. I personally don’t find them that flattering. I think a lot of people like them because they’re tight and they show off the butt a little more and they probably are super comfy, but they’re just not super cute. Maybe they would look good, but I am way to insecure about my thighs, so I’ll stick to my normal Hottie Hot Shorts from Lululemon.
Shout to the greatest math teacher!
  • Cropped Cardigans
    Not to flex or anything, but I started this trend back in like middle school! The world is the one that’s behind this time, not me! I used to wear short cardigans all the freaking time to school. My favorite one’s were from BP Nordstrom! Granted, I did grow out of that trend and I’m probably not going to return to it, but I would give this one a big thumbs up! Cardigans are cute and can make an outfit look put together. I’ve seen some ugly one’s out there, but just don’t buy those haha!
  • Mini Purses
    What the frick can you fit in a mini purse?? It’s not like we carry flip phones. Our iPhones are basically the size of a mini purse. And you’re supposed to fit a wallet and keys there too? AND A MASK? Common on! So impractical. They also look like they are for little kids.
  • Middle Part
    This is a fashion trend, but it’s some sort of trend. I feel like the Kardashians started this like 20 years ago, but Gen Z’s are actually making it a thing. I personally prefer a side part, but I can see how some people like a middle part. I’m not against this trend at all, but I still think I look much better with a side part.

I feel like those are the biggest Gen Z trends for now. If you know of more, let me know! Trends are stupid anyways and a lot of these aren’t the best! What do you think?



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