Week of Workouts

Week of Workouts

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I workout a lot. Practically everyday of the week, except for the days when I’m feeling extra lazy and don’t want to do anything except sit on the couch and plays Sims. I feel like a lot of people get bored of working out because they don’t know what to do. I know that’s how I feel sometimes. Somedays I’m like “ugh another run I guess…” I’ve been trying to be better about switching up my workouts daily so I don’t get too bored. I thought I would share a week of my workouts!

Monday: 1 mile walk + long-ish run
Emphasis on the -ish. On this day I ran 2.23 miles. To some people that is a lot, to others that is nothing. To me, it is long-ish. Does anyone have the problem that I have where I think that I can run a relatively quick pace for more than a few miles and then once I hit 1. 5 miles, I can barely put one foot in-front of the other? Story of my life. For this 2.23 miles, I ran the first mile in 8:46 and the second mile in 8:56. Not the fastest, but could definitely go slower to last longer.

Tuesday: short walk + 20 min. HIIT + 10 min. core
Basically, I start everyday off with a walk, so I’m going to stop putting that, but just know that there is a walk somewhere in the day ranging from .25-1.5 miles. Today was a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) day. Nothing like getting strong and sweaty in 20 minutes! That’s the best thing about HIIT… you literally only have to do for 20 minutes and you’re still getting in a great workout. I did Olivia Amato’s Ellie Goulding HIIT workout from Peloton. To finish it off, I did a 10 minute core workout on the Peloton app.

Wednesday: 30 min. cycle + 10 min. core
Can you tell I’m obsessed with Peloton? Literally so happy that it exists. I decided to go with a 30 minute Nicki Minaj ride with Ally Love. This ride is so fun for two reasons. One: Ally Love is so energetic and happy Two: Nicki Minaj rocks! I love her songs especially: Super Bass (obvi), Chun-Li, and Moment for Life. Cycling is such a great cardio workout and man my legs are DEAD after. Once again, I ended my workout with 10 minute core. I like doing core everyday because I feel like it’s so simple and so important.

Thursday: 1 mile run + 30 min. full body strength
Strength training is a critical part of weekly workouts. It helps build muscle and increase strength! Who doesn’t want to be a little stronger? Today, I did a 30 minute full body strength workout with Olivia Amato. This was a killer! Think lots of squats with push press, lunges, pushups, deadlifts, etc. You can really accomplish a lot in 30 minutes. I ended the workout with a 1 mile run. One mile is a hard distance to run in my opinion. I feel like the distance is short enough to go pretty fast, but long enough where you can’t sprint or you’ll burnout. It’s hard to find that happy-medium. I ran this mile in 8:49.

Friday: 2 miles run + bodyweight strength
2 miles seems to be my sweet spot. I used to be able to run more, but lately I haven’t really been able to. Running is so freaking tough. I have a very love/hate relationship with it. I do like that it makes me feel like I’m actually getting a good sweat in. I also did a 15 minute bodyweight strength workout. Bodyweight workouts are tougher than they sound. I highly recommend trying one.

Saturday: Strength workout + 1 mile run
Finally got to go to the gym again! Hooray! I have missed the gym so much. I don’t always know what to do in the gym, but I do love using the machines. So fun. Plus, the environment is just so much more motivating in my opinion… even if there’s no one else in there. I did some bench press, pull-downs, pull-ups, squats, yada yada. My arms were super sore the next day. I also decided to run a mile. I ran an 8:11 mile… I was pooped.

Sunday: 1 mile run + 10 min. core
I finished the week nice and easy… well kind of easy. I wanted to try to run and all out mile around my neighborhood. My goal is to eventually get a sub-7 mile on a track, so I wanted to see what I could do not on a track with hills and other obstacles. I ran this mile in 7:36. Pretty good, but I know I can do better. Stay tuned for mile on the track. I also did a quick 10 minute core workout.



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