My Hidden Personality

My Hidden Personality

Word of the Day: Obfuscate (v.) – to confuse someone or obscure the meaning of something

Notice something different? I decided instead of a “quote of the day” I would do a “word of the day” to help learn vocabulary. Most of you will probably know the meaning of the words I choose, but my personal vocabulary is lacking, so no judgment.

Today, I decided to take a personality test. I do this every once in a while because the results are so interesting and a lot of websites go into detail about what career path would be good, what type of people you probably get along with, and what strengths and weaknesses you have based on your personality type. Are the results accurate? Who knows, but it’s still really fascinating. Also, some of the questions are hard to answer because you answer on a scale.

If you want to take the test I took, click here. Ready for my results? Here we go.

Wondering what ISFJ-A means? Well, it stands for introverted, observant/sensing, feeling, and judging. Based on this website, “defenders are true altruists, meeting kindness with kindness-in-excess and engaging the work and people they believe in with enthusiasm and generosity.”

Lets dig in deeper.


  • Supportive
  • Reliable and patient (lol I’m not patient at all)
  • Imaginative and observant
  • Enthusiatic
  • Loyal and hard-working
  • Good practical skills


  • Humble and shy
  • Taking things too personally
  • Repress their feelings (100%)
  • Overload themselves
  • Reluctant to change
  • Too altruistic

So apparently I have difficulty expressing my emotions. Bahahah couldn’t think of anything more accurate. Romantically, my best match is someone who shares the observant (S) trait. Drew, take this and let me know if you get this trait! Oh there’s a twist. So, someone who shares the observant trait AND has one or two opposing traits! Interesting.

In terms of friendships, I am not particularly picky about personality types, but most of my friends end up having similar personalities. Do I think this is true? I would say so for the most part… maybe.

Career Paths:
Nursing, elementary school teacher, and social & religious work are attractive options for me, a defender. Hmmm pass! The only one I would consider is nursing, but definitely not an elementary school teacher or a social & religious worker.

Take this test for yourself and see what your personality is. If you know me, I’d love to know your results.



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