Current Favorites – February 2021

Current Favorites – February 2021

Quote of the Day: “Self love isn’t selfish. It’s important.”

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my current favorites (or since I’ve blogged). Here are some things I am currently obsessed with or highly recommend for the month of February.

Current Favorites

Entertainment (TV, Movies, Music):

  1. Survivor: I don’t know how I missed out on this my entire life, but I am so glad I was introduced to this show. Thank you Kylie! I am fully hooked and am determined to watch all the seasons. The drama, the competition, the deceitfulness… everything about this show is great. I think my favorite season so far is the first season of Blood vs. Water. I am currently watching: Millennials vs. Gen X.
  2. The Wilds: Another recommendation by Kylie lol. You can watch the Wilds on Amazon Prime. I wouldn’t say it’s the most amazing show, but it’s entertaining for sure. It’s about a group of nine girls who get sent on a women’s empowerment trip or something and get in a plane crash and are stranded on an island. If you enjoy very dramatic tv, then this show is for you.
  3. To All the Boys: Always & Forever: Lara Jean and & Peter Kavinsky are back! Hoorah! I’ve been waiting for the third movie in this series to come out and it did NOT disappoint. I personally am obsessed with love and romance and this movie is sappy and adorable. My only problem… why Stanford? Why does every freaking movie choose Stanford as the college. Can we start choosing normal people schools instead of genius people schools?
  4. Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo: Have I been listening to this song on repeat? YES! I literally am so obsessed. I loved Olivia’s voice in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, especially her song All I Want, but this song really solidified how amazing I think her voice is. Did you freaking hear her on Jimmy Fallon? Check out her live version of the song here. This girl can sing!


  1. Year of Yes: I read this book last month and really enjoyed it. I seem to be the only person in the world who didn’t know who Shonda Rhimes was prior to reading this, but now I do. I’ve never watch Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal, but I have watched some of How To Get Away With Murder, so I should’ve know who she was. Her book was inspirational especially for me, being someone who is afraid of social interactions.
  2. Atomic Habits: I am currently reading this book (less than 100 pages away from finishing). I didn’t love it in the beginning, but as I read more, I started getting more interested. I think it’s cool that it is divided into steps and each step to breaking or creating habits is clearly laid out. I don’t know if I would ever implement these ideas into my own life, but they are good ideas and really get you thinking about the habits you have or want to create or break.

Clothes & Shoes:

  1. MVP Sweater from Princess Polly: I think this sweatshirt is so cute. I like that it kind of looks vintage and that it is sports related. I also really like the tan, off-white color. Once I allow myself to buy clothes again, I will 100% be buying this (if it’s still in stock by then).
  2. On The Roger Federer Advantage Tennis Sneaker: I recently came across these sneakers at Nordstrom and instantly fell in love. They look really similar to Stan Smiths, which I am a fan of, but seem way more comfortable. I really like the white with navy blue and found out my freaking dad got that exact combo! These seem like a really nice casual shoe to wear just out and about, but I definitely wouldn’t wear them playing tennis.


  1. Levain Cookies Homemade: If you haven’t heard of Levain cookies, you’re missing out! These are the most delicious cookies ever. They have a bakery in New York City and they’re expensive as hell to get shipped to wherever you live, so what can you do? Make them yourself. My boyfriend and I have made these twice now and I am currently craving a cookie. Oh man I wish I had some!
  2. In N Out: Did you know that I am OBSESSED with In N Out? No? Well I didn’t either until about a year ago. I knew I always liked it and that it was definitely my preferred choice of fast food, but it’s become an addiction. Nothing like a protein style burger with grilled onions and a side of well-done fries. If you don’t like In N Out, well there’s something wrong with you. Enough said.



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