My Whole30-ish Experience

My Whole30-ish Experience

Quote of the Day: “Eat to fuel your body, not to feed your emotions.”

30 days OVER. What an experience. Today I am sharing all about my experience.

Why I Decided to Try Whole30
As mentioned in previous posts, I decided to try Whole30 for the beginning of 2021 because I wanted to reset my body. I basically spent a whole freaking year indulging myself and eating ice cream and chocolate and nachos and all the bad stuff you can think of. My stomach was happy, but I didn’t feel super great and I definitely didn’t look great. So, it was time for a change.

How It Was
It was tough! I started out really motivated and on top of it. I was grocery shopping and had my meals planned out and yada yada. About a week and a half into it, I lost motivation lol. I didn’t really want to cook anymore and I definitely wanted matcha. That’s the biggest thing I learned. You need to plan your meals out if you want to be successful in any sort of diet.

Was I Successful?
Define successful. I definitely cheated. I definitely had that matcha. Maybe I ate a few meals I shouldn’t have, but I definitely didn’t have any dessert or any heavy-based carb items. So, I would say I was 90% successful. I really wish I would’ve taken before pictures because I think my body did change a bit, but oh well.

Will I Continue It?
Maybe. I don’t want to go crazy and have desserts or eat crappy foods, but I also don’t want to restrict myself completely. I think I will continue to eat as healthy as possible, but will treat myself when wanted. For example, I will definitely be eating red velvet cupcakes on Valentine’s Day.

Well thanks for following along with my Whole30 journey. It’s been a blast. A very hard blast! One month down. Eleven more to go! 2021 we got this.



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