The Stresses of a 20-Something

The Stresses of a 20-Something

Quote of the Day: “Nothing will ruin your twenties more than thinking you should have your life together already.”

“Your twenties are the best time of your life.” Have you ever heard this before? I certainly have. When I was in middle school and high school, I would dream of being in my twenties. I thought I would finish college, move to this amazing city, work a big-girl job, be married by 28, have a kid by 29 and yada yada. As I write that out, I’m starting to think I got that “perfect life” idea from a random Hallmark movie… explains a lot.

Well, I am 23 years old now and have realized that being in your twenties is anything but easy. It’s a very unsettling time because there’s so much change. With that change comes stress… especially if you’re an over-thinker like me. I thought I would share a few things I stress about as a 23 year old + maybe you can relate?

First, friendships. This has been a big one for me recently. Looking back, I’ve never had a large group of friends… well I wouldn’t even say I’ve had a group of friends. I’ve had individual friends, but never like a main group. I feel like a lot of people have a main group of girlfriends or at least that’s how it’s portrayed in tv shows and movies (gosh I need to stop watching these unrealistic things lol). I think to myself, omg who’s going to be my bridesmaids? Will I be anyone’s bridesmaid?? If I ever move, how will I make friends? How will I stay in touch with friends? So much goes on in my mind… you have no idea.

Next, romantic relationship. People at my age are starting to GET MARRIED… what? I can’t even fathom it. The fact that there’s a 21 year old on the Bachelor… hmm what could her intentions be? I know I’m not ready for marriage at all, but I definitely think about it. Like, I wonder when I’ll be getting married? How will my life be? Before marriage, how will my relationship be? Blah blah etc. etc.

This is pretty self explanatory as a 20-something. I feel like unless you really know what you want to do, you’re somewhat lost. I am more than somewhat lost… I am completely lost. Something in tandem to finding a job is interviewing for a job. UGH! Interviews suck. They’re catered for people who are extroverted and can think and talk on the spot and that is NOT me at all. I am trying to be more confident though when I go into an interview, but it is tough.

Budgeting sucks! I just want to buy all the matcha lattes in the world and shop at Abercrombie and Lululemon everyday. Literally. *starts singing “literally my life is beaches every single night”* I feel financially stressed hmm 95% of the time. I’ve started (again) writing down all my expenses to see what I spend/waste money on each month and can hopefully be better in the following month.

Traveling in your twenties is the best time to travel because you don’t have kids or too much responsibility. I want to travel the freaking world, but I almost feel as though it’s an expectation for a 20-something to travel the world. I feel like if I don’t go to all these places as in my twenties, then I’m passing up my window of opportunity. Again, I’m an overthinker.

As I write this, I’m thinking, “why are there so many expectations of a 20-something??” I feel like people think that they need to have this amazing body in their twenties because they’re still young. I know I’ve been working on getting my “ideal” body since I was like… hmm 16 or so. I’m kind of less stressed about body-image because I think you can change your body at any age, but I just know I want to be as healthy as possible in my twenties… but still enjoy all the delicious ice cream.

I guess this kind of goes with friends, but I’ll just make this a separate point. I am not a social human-being. I enjoy sitting in my bedroom by myself or going on a walk… by myself (or with my mom or boyfriend). I feel like when you’re in your twenties you’re supposed to be social. You’re supposed to go to the bars with your friends or co-workers and get brunch (I do love brunch) and idk go wine tasting or whatever. Hmm, I like my bedroom.

There are a lot more things that I stress about as a 20-something, but I better stop there. I’m fully aware that a lot of these are common, so I don’t feel completely crazy, but hopefully I’ll reach a point in my life where these things are not stressful and I just don’t care. Lets conquer or twenties together!



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