New Year’s Resolutions: 2021

New Year’s Resolutions: 2021

Quote of the Day: “Life’s not about expecting, hoping, and wishing. It’s about doing, being, and becoming.”

2021 is right around the corner! 2021!! Remember when everyone at the end of 2019 was like “2020 the year of clear vision! The best year yet! A new decade!” or something like that? Well, let’s make that 2021 instead of 2020.

A new year brings new resolutions. My 2020 resolutions were flushed down the toilet, like I’m sure a lot of people’s were, but I am back and here to make some new ones! Well… I think I will do things a little differently this year. Every year I make a list of resolutions and surprise surprise I really never stick to them/I forget about them about a month into the year. I think this year, I will create things I want to focus on each month. Maybe this will help me actually stick to something… since it’s only for 30 days… or longer if I decide.

So, what’ll it be for January 2021? Hmm…

  1. Attempt the Whole 30 “Diet”: For the past few weeks (actually more like days), I’ve done a lot of research on the Whole30 diet. Basically, it’s a reset for your body. You eliminate foods such as dairy, grains, and sugar for 30 days and then slowly add them back into your diet. It helps to see what you may be intolerant to. I think this will be beneficial for me, someone who is OBSESSED with sugar. I also think it’ll just be a fun little challenge. I will definitely be making blog posts on my experience. Wish me good luck.
  2. Absolutely NO coffee drinks: Luckily for me (or unlucky for me), coffee drinks have A LOT of added sugar in them. As stated above, sugar is a big no-no in the Whole 30 diet, so I can’t even have them anyways. I will be abstaining from buying delicious matcha’s from CoffeeBar or chai’s from Starbucks. However, I did find a delicious matcha recipe that has ZERO added sugar and incorporates coconut water (which is allowed)… yum! Another positive thing that will come from this is the money I will be saving. Each drink is $5+ and I definitely don’t need to be spending that type of money. Healthy and saving money. Win-win (but also I’m crying inside)!
  3. Read a book: LOL I feel like I add this every single year, but I really really want to read more/want to expand my vocabulary! Reading also improves memory… so many benefits! My mom just gave me a book about the 5 love languages, so I will start off with reading that this month.
  4. Grow up: Obviously during COVID there hasn’t been a ton of social interactions and I’ve been loving it because I freaking hate talking to random people. I’ve been realizing how awkward I am and how clammed up I get. I’ve decided that I need to do something about that in 2021. I need to start acting a bit more mature and I need to somehow get more comfortable with having conversations with random people. I think this will help people see me as an adult and not a little child… since I’m you know 23 and not 13! I don’t know the steps to do this or where to start, but mark my word, by the name 2022 comes around, I will be a full-grown adult…kind of.

January looks like it will be full of change… hopefully. I’m looking forward to pursuing these “resolutions” and just need to discipline myself to make them happen. Stay tuned for what I want to work on in the following months and stay tuned for how I do with these resolutions.

I hope you all have a fabulous New Year’s Eve (not partying hopefully) and thank you for supporting my blog!



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