Reflecting on 2020 + What I’ve Learned

Reflecting on 2020 + What I’ve Learned

Quote of the day: “Your current situation is giving you an opportunity to re-evaluate what you want.”

Officially four days away from 2020, the craziest year of them all. This year has gone by so slowly, yet so quickly at the same time. A part of me feels like March 2020 just happened, but another part of me feels like it was years ago. Anyone else feel the same way?

I am so ready for a new year. I personally love the new year and I see it as a fresh start… although some may disagree. I do not, however, see the new year as a new year free from COVID… unfortunately. 2020 will definitely go down as one of most chaotic, strangest years ever and I sure as heck will never forget it… the good, the bad, and the ugly. I thought I would take the time to just reflect on the year as a whole.

Looking back at 2020, all I can think is “WOW!” I can honestly say this has been the hardest year of my life (not to be dramatic or anything). Even before COVID took over our lives, I felt stressed. I spent most of January worried that I would never work and that I was going nowhere in life and all my friends were off doing bigger and better things and that I would become a homeless person. I am not exaggerating one bit. But then, I found a job… not my dream job or anything (that doesn’t exist because I don’t know what I want to do), but whatever. Then I started working in February. I enjoyed working despite the long hours. At this time, COVID wasn’t really in full effect yet, but it was popping up more and more on the news.

Ahh come March, a month that no one will ever forget… the month that a part of me still feels like we are in. March was probably the worst month of the entire year I would say. I was going through some personal stuff and then on top of that, everyone was forced to stay at home, I lost my job, and I just felt stuck. It was all just a lot to deal with. I don’t think anyone had a good time that month… well, maybe my mom because I think she liked having the whole family home since she usually just spent the days with my dog, Lexi.

April through June was pretty much a blur. I spent a lot of time watching the news, talking on the phone, crying, ohhh yeah… and playing SEQUENCE aka the best board game ever. I started working again… thankfully and have now saved up a decent amount of money. I decided to finally try learning something that I had always wanted to… guitar. I walked an absurd amount. That’s about it I think.

Summer was good, I think. I remember one thing that was sad, but I think the rest of the summer was good. I got to see my favorite person graduate… virtually. I got to visit my alma mater, the University of Oregon and I got to wakeboard for the first time ever. Oh, I also ate a lot of ice cream and sweets and got a little fatter… but it’s quarantine so it’s fine… right?

I spent most of the Fall at my boyfriends house in Portland. It was really fun especially because we didn’t really get to see each other too much at the beginning of the year. I voted for the first time ever and also paid attention to the election for the first time ever. I also worked a lot and celebrated my 23rd birthday. I still can’t believe I am 23 years old.

And that leads me to here. The last month of the year… almost a full year of COVID. Christmas came and went quicker than any other year it felt like, despite everyone decorating earlier. Does anyone else feel kind of sad on Christmas Day due to the fact that the holidays are over? This year is almost over. This year brought a lot of negative emotions and was just tough on everyone, but it also brought a lot of good times with loves ones and new life lessons.

What have I learned throughout 2020?

  1. Respect to others and from others: I feel like this year really showed who respects others the most or who is the most responsible or cares the most. I don’t think I’m putting that the right way, but hopefully that makes sense. I respect people who wear masks. I have little respect for people who don’t wear masks. Maybe that’s harsh, but if a freaking piece of cloth on your face can save your life and the lives of others, then why the heck not? I respect people who will move to the bike lane to stay socially distanced when walking past other people. I have little respect for people who go to parties and weddings and are just careless in that way. Personal opinion.
  2. Time at home is actually nice: At the beginning of COVID, I really struggled with being at home. Most of my friends were either living in different cities or out of their parents home and I just felt like a loser. However, for the past few months, my mindset has changed. Home has never felt more homie for some reason. I have also enjoyed spending time with my family.
  3. Weight gain can be reversed: I feel like I kind of let myself go this year, in terms of health. Yeah I worked out a lot, but I also ate a lot… and drank a lot of matcha and sweet coffee drinks. I’m too afraid to weigh myself, but my jeans tell me I’ve gained some weight. I’m trying really hard to tell myself that I can reverse the weight gain… it won’t be easy, but it is 100% doable.
  4. Staying away from people and using hand sanitizer prevents colds: For the past hmm 20 years of my life, I’ve always gotten a cold in the Fall. It was basically inevitable. Colds for me are bad because of my asthma, so I just dread it every year. However, this year I’ve been cold free due to lack of interaction and hand sanitizer. I hope I am able to keep this going because if I get a cold, I’m going to be paranoid that I have COVID.
  5. Life is short: Cliche to say the least, but so true. 333,000. That is approximately how many people have died from COVID. That is how many people whose lives have been cut too short. Do what you want to do NOW because you never know if it’ll be too late. Don’t wait for that “special occasion” to celebrate or whatever, every day is a special occasion.

Four more days… you got this!



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