Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness Addict

Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness Addict

Another gift guide today! Since it’s Fit Friday, what better way to celebrate than to do a fitness guide? Enjoy.


  1. AirPods Pro: I recently got my first pair of AirPod Pros after years of the Bose bluetooth headphones and… I love them! They’re not the most comfortable things, but the noise canceling is awesome and the fact that there’s no chord is awesome. Plus, the case is a charging case, so no more dead headphones.
  2. Bala Bangles: These blew up once COVID hit because everyone started working out at home. Basically, they’re 1-2 lb. weights you put on wrists or ankles and workout with them on.
  3. Nike Dri-FIT Socks: Good socks are essential for working out. No one wants to be worrying about their socks falling off or being too thin while running. I really like Nike Dri-FIT socks. They’re nice and cushiony and very comfortable.
  4. Salutation Stash Pocket II 7/8 Tight: A legging not from Lulu Lemon? Crazy. These Athleta leggings are easily my new favorites. They are the same material as the Lulu Lemon Align leggings, but there’s a freaking pocket. Honestly, all leggings should have a pocket because it just makes life so much more convenient.
  5. Resistance Booty Bands: Resistance bands are another great thing to have for at home workouts… or to bring to the gym. They help activate and tone muscles. I rarely use them, but maybe if I had these cute ones, I would.
  6. Garmin Forerunner 45S GPS Watch: I have an Apple Watch and I don’t know how I feel about it. My watch dies fairly quickly and it is quite frustrating. I used to have a Garmin and it was really nice. Also, I think Garmin watches are designed for running.
  7. ON Cloud Running Shoes: These are the new trendy running shoes. Are they trendy or do I think they are because both my parents have them? Well anyways. I’ve heard great things about them and I think it’s important to have a good pair of running shoes… for running.
  8. Peloton Exercise Bike: Just as the picture says… GAME CHANGER. My mom got a Peloton Bike at the beginning of quarantine and holy moly I am so happy she did. I’ve loved Peloton for a while now and now that I have access to it whenever I want, it’s fabulous. If you’re someone who is skeptical about it, come talk to me.
  9. Native Charcoal Deodorant: No one wants to be smelly during or after a workout and no one wants to smell someone after their workout. Honestly, deodorant makes a great gift. It may come off as insulting, but everyone freaking uses deodorant.
  10. Ignite By Spri Pull Up Bar: I want this! I would love to have a place to practice my pull ups without leaving my house. Pull-ups are the type of exercise that are “use it or lose it”. This is such a great gift for anyone who wants to USE IT!
  11. Tiger Tail Foam Roller: Sore muscles suck. Stretching is good. Foam rolling is painful, but good. This foam roller is nice because it’s small and there are handles. It is kind of painful, so beware.

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