Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchen Lover

Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchen Lover Holiday-Gift-Guide_-Kitchen-Lover

Well, another year has gone by (a very crazy year that is) and it is officially… almost the Holiday season. Once again, I have created a bunch of different gift guides for the special people in your life. Today, I am sharing the first gift guide for the kitchen lover! If you know someone who loves baking or cooking or just being in the kitchen, this is the perfect gift guide.

  1. Sweet Laurel Cookbook: I came across this cookbook in Nordstrom and thought it would make the perfect gift. I really like this cookbook specifically because it is full of delicious treats that contain whole ingredients.
  2. KitchenAid Stand Mixer: If you’re a serious baker, you need a KitchenAid mixer. My family has one and it is such a game-changer. Plus, it comes in so many different colors. I really like this misty blue color.
  3. Stemless Champagne Glasses: It’s about that time of the year where champagne bottles are popping! Cute champagne glasses are a must. Just remember… no New Year’s parties this year!
  4. Marble & Wood Cheese Board: Charcuterie boards are a really good thing to have especially if you’re hosting parties or just having a Bachelorette night. I really like this half marble half wood one. It is so cute… now I just need to learn how to lay out the food on it.
  5. Infused Olive Oil Gift Set: I can’t say I’m the biggest olive oil person, but I know quite a few people who love dipping their bread in olive oil. Wouldn’t it be fun to dip it in different types of olive oil? This set is perfect for that.
  6. 2-Piece Measuring Conversion Magnet Set: Do you ever find yourself baking or cooking and running into a conversion issue? Well, me too. These conversion magnets are perfect to hang on your fridge. So convenient and so cute.
  7. Instant Pot: These are life-changing. Instant pots can make so many different meals in such a short amount of time. They are so simple and there are so many recipes on the web. My personal favorite… chili!
  8. Met Sketches Apron: Aprons make a perfect gift for any baker. No one likes getting flour all over their clothes. There are so many different types of aprons out there, but here is one I found that I thought looked nice.
  9. Copper Snowflake Cookie Cutters: Cookies galore! I feel like everyone loves baking around this time of the year. Cookies… especially. For Santa of course. Here are some cookie cutters that are so festive and great quality.
  10. Recipe Cutting Board: Nothing like a personalized gift! I found this cutting board on Etsy and thought it would make such a special gift. I almost want to get it for myself and put my moms famous recipes on it so I’ll have them forever.

More gift guides to come. I hope you enjoyed this one! Happy shopping.



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