Fit Friday: Different Types of Workouts

Fit Friday: Different Types of Workouts

Quote of the day: “If you’re tired, do it tired.”

Variety in all aspects in life is great, including working out. Not only does changing your workout day-to-day help alleviate boredom, it also helps make sure all your muscles are being trained and you are able to become a well-rounded athlete.

A lot of people focus on either cardio or strength training, which is great, but there’s so much more out there. I know I’ve definitely had my long streaks of only doing cardio every singly day and nothing else. I guess I just didn’t know there was more variety. If you’re new to working out or tired of your workouts or just want to try something new, but aren’t sure where to start, I’m here to help. I’m going to share my understanding of the different types of workouts we all should be doing or at least trying.

Aerobic Cardiovascular Exercise
Aerobic cardiovascular exercise is probably the most common, most popular form of exercise. You’re typically able to perform this type of exercise for extended periods of time. Examples: Swimming, running, hiking, spinning

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is exactly as it sounds; it’s intense. HIIT workouts consist of short bouts of exercise (intense) with either lower intensity exercises in between or rest in between. HIIT workouts really elevate your heart rate compared to aerobic cardio exercise. A lot of people like HIIT because you are able to burn just as much or more in a 20 minute HIIT workout compared to a 60 minute cardio workout. Attached are some HIIT workouts I found on Youtube.

Strength Training
Strength training is kind of a confusing name. Does it involve weights? And what type of weights? Barbell? Dumbbell? To me, strength training is lifting heavy to increase muscle size. Strength training is really any type of workout that is designed to improve strength and endurance. It certainly can involve lifting heavy, but is not limited to it. Body weight exercises is a form of strength training.

I feel like not too many people know what calisthenics is. I, myself, am not completely positive I know what it is. I believe calisthenics are exercises that are completely body weight reliant. Do you ever see someone hanging by their arms perpendicular from a flagpole? Yeah, well that is calisthenics, and that is IMPRESSIVE. Many of the beginner calisthenics workouts include basic exercises such as: planks, pushups, squats, and lunges. The workouts really emphasize proper technique. If you want to read more about it, check out this link:

Yoga is a type of workout that doesn’t only focus on physical health, but also focuses on mental and spiritual health. It focuses a lot of breath control and body posture. Each practice integrates isometric bodyweight exercises. It helps elongate muscles as well as strengthen them. If you’re like me and totally not flexible at all, you will probably not like, but I think it is definitely beneficial.

Obviously there are so many other types of workouts out there, but this is just a brief overview of a few. I truly believe it is important to switch up your workouts daily so all parts of your body are being worked. Plus, it’s just fun trying something new out. One day, I will be able to hold myself up perpendicular to a flagpole and it will be amazing! What will you work towards?



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