Fit Friday: The Ultimate Mental Game

Fit Friday: The Ultimate Mental Game

Quote of the day: “When your legs can’t run anymore, run with your heart.”

Do you like running? I feel like either you love it or hate it. I’d say the majority hate it because it is TOUGH! I also feel like people associate it with punishment. Maybe you were late to practice and had to run laps around the tennis courts? Or your teammates were fooling around so your coach made you run suicides? Perhaps this is why people hate running.. what about you? 

Do I personally like running? Hmm it’s a confusing relationship. I like it because I feel like when I do run, I have the best workouts, but when I’m actually running… I’m usually struggling really hard. 

Here’s my issue with running. As the title states, it’s the ultimate mental game. Physically, I can feel totally fine, but my mind game is weak. If I look down at my watch to see how far I’ve gone, I lose motivation… I don’t know why. If I start walking for a bit, run over. For some reason I am unable to start running again. My mental toughness just isn’t there. 

When I run, I like to focus on time. I like going as fast as possible and for some reason, I think that I can run my mile pace for a 5k or longer distance. Clearly, that isn’t the case for a lot of people. My rationale for going as fast as possible? The faster I go, the faster it’s over right? LOL no because I never make the distance I set out for.

One thing I’m trying to wrap my mind around is that there are different metrics for success when it comes to running. There’s more to running than just how fast you’re going…unless you’re doing a sprint workout. Something I’m working on is running further and being comfortable. My heart rate is like 180 bpm on a run and boy is that HIGH. Apparently, for aerobic running, your heart rate should be anywhere from 100-170 bpm. I’m never there. Maybe that’s why I can never reach 5 miles or more.

Running is something I am constantly working on. There’s always room for improvement when it comes to the sport. I feel like it is a life changing sport. Have you ever seen the movie Brittany Runs a Marathon? Holy guacamole, that movie is inspirational. It really shows how running can change someone’s life (it’s a true story).

What are my running goals? Basically to just be better. Bahah lol could that get any more vague? Here I’ll break it down:

  • Mile (current: 7:18) – goal: sub 7 minutes
  • 5k (current: 26:50) – goal: 26 minutes
  • Distance outside (current: 5 miles) – goal: 10k
  • 400 m (current: 1:21) – goal: 1:12 minutes

Wish me good luck! I know I can reach these. Most of it is mental! Just remember that for your next run. Mental toughness!! GRRRRR



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