My Best and Worst Financial Decisions

My Best and Worst Financial Decisions

Quote of the day: “You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.”

First off, boo the Lakers won the NBA finals. I was really rooting for anyone but LeBron, but of freaking course he won. I just can’t wait until the new season starts and the Warriors dominate again!

Now back to the point of this blog post. I feel like your 20’s are the time for a lot of financial change. You probably have a lot more income than you’re used to. It’s definitely difficult finding that balance between saving money and having fun… in my opinion. When I see more money in my bank account, I accuse dumb purchases. This is 100% the wrong mindset to have… especially if you’re trying to save for something big such as moving out of your parents house, graduate school, a car, etc.

I’ve been reflecting a lot about my financial decisions and thought I’d share my best and worst decisions so maybe it can help one of you or you can just get a kick out of all the bad ones I make šŸ™‚

  1. Roth IRA: You know, right now this doesn’t seem like a great financial decision, but I know once I’m older, it was the right thing to do. A Roth IRA is an account for retirement… that is my very simple understanding of it. It’s never too early to start saving for retirement. I know I’m already ready to retire lol.
  2. Therapy: I recently started seeing/talking to a therapist and it has been great. It’s definitely pricey, but worth it, I’d say. It’s really nice to talk to someone completely objective and with no judgement what-so-ever.
  3. Adidas Ultraboost: Hands down the BEST running shoe out there. There’s something about them that are so comfortable and make running a little less painful…only a little. I’ve tried various Nike running shoes and nothing compares to the Ultraboost.
  4. Disney+ Subscription: You know, some people may argue that this is a bad financial decision, but in my opinion, it’s GREAT. I get to rewatch literally every good Disney Channel show and movie + all the Marvel movies and a whole lot more for like $9/month or something. What more could I ask for? I really want to watch Boy Meets World again. After all, it’s the name that inspired the title of my blog.
  5. LuluLemon Shorts: Another controversial thing, but you know, if you love something and know it’s not going to disappoint, why change it? I love LuluLemon shorts… specifically the Hotty Hot Short and the Tracker Shorts. I have many pairs of each and I wear all pairs every week, so I get good use out of them. Maybe there are other shorts out there that could be better…maybe cheaper, but for now, until I find a problem with the shorts, I will continue to buy them. Personal preference.
  1. Food Delivery: You know those days when you’re just sooo lazy and don’t even want to leave your house so you decide to order food for delivery? Yeah, well that shit is expensive. Plus you have to tip and it just adds up. I don’t order delivery that often, but when I do, I definitely regret it. I mean I’m always down for a drive… I could easily just go out and get the food myself. Laziness at its finest.
  2. Presents for People: Lol this sounds cold or heartless (I’ve been called both), but you know sometimes you just buy anything for someone just because you feel obligated to get them something. The present may not necessarily have any value or sentiment to the person you’re giving it to, so why waste your money. I know now that I really try and gift things that are either useful or something I 100% know someone would like/has been wanting.
  3. Coffee/Matcha: Hilarious because I will probably never stop doing this. There’s something about those $5-$7 matcha lattes that are so freaking delicious and addicting and completely not recreatable. I buy a lot of matchas… I just can’t help it. It’s something I have just accepted.
  4. Clothes: I’m not saying all the clothes I buy are a bad decision, but I’ll admit I do buy clothes sometimes just to buy clothes. There’s something about new clothes in my closet that makes me happy… even if I wear the same thing everyday. I used to have a habit of buying a lot of cheap Forever 21 clothes that I’d wear a few times, then never again. DUMB. Now, I try and focus on either basics or things I cannot live without… which is not a lot. Plus, I just wear leggings and a t-shirt 90% of the time anyways. No need to go out and buy cute clothes all the time.
  5. Gas: I guess it’s not really the gas itself because obviously you’re going to need to fill up your car. But I like driving around because it is calming and there’s nothing better than blasting the radio and belting out. I’d say my “joy rides” waste a decent amount of gas… so I end up paying for more gas than I should. Maybe I’ll start “joy walks” and just belt while I walk. What do you think?

Now, I’m sure I have way more bad and good financial decisions/purchases, but that’s a good start. It was fun coming up with a list for both! Hopefully I can work on each category and make better choices… but it’s all a learning experience. What are your best and worst financial decisions?



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