What’s Your Hurdle Moment?

What’s Your Hurdle Moment?

Quote of the Day: “Challenge is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

I’ve spent a lot of time walking and driving around my neighborhood during this pandemic. Listening to music is great, but can sometimes get really repetitive… plus I can’t sing on my walks (well, I guess I could, but I would be that person singing out loud). I’ve found that listening to a podcast is a way better use of my time. Podcasts can be inspiring, motivating, and educational… if you choose the right ones.

I recently came across a podcast called Hurdle with Emily Abbate. How did I come across this podcast? Well, I was out for a run, aiming for 4 miles, and only made it 2 miles. I felt really disappointed and needed some motivation or something inspirational to listen to. I opened Apple Podcasts and searched “wellness” and this podcast came up. It was love at first listen.

“Hurdle features people who got through a tough time – a hurdle of sorts – by integrating wellness into their routines.” Emily interviews so many people ranging from elite athletes to fitness influencers to wellness CEO’s and allows them to share their story on how they got to where they are. The podcast is intended to motivate listeners to “live a healthier, happier, more motivated life” and let me tell you… it does just that.

I haven’t listened to nearly all of the episodes, but I thought I would share a few of my favorite one’s that I have listened to.

  1. Nick Green: CEO & Co-Founder of Thrive Market 
    If you haven’t heard of Thrive Market, you’re living under a rock. Kidding, I actually don’t think it’s that well known, unless you’re super into healthy eating. Thrive Market is “Costco meets Whole Foods.” It is an online membership grocery store that offers a wide variety of health foods for wholesale prices. Nick Green grew up with a mom who was extremely health conscious. He was the kid that brought his own food to sleepovers because his mom didn’t want him eating the sh** other kids ate. He created Thrive Market after graduating from Harvard. He wanted to create a business that would allow people, who didn’t have access to a Whole Foods, to get healthy groceries. His biggest inspiration that drove him to create this type of business was his mom.
  2. Robin Arzon: VP Fitness Programming & Head Instructor at Peloton 
    I know Robin Arzon as the hardest Peloton instructor. When I take her classes, my legs want to scream. Obviously, my legs can’t scream, so my mouth dose instead… just ask my sister. Robin’s rides are the real-deal. What I didn’t know about Robin was that she was an aspiring lawyer in New York City. She attended law school and worked at a prestigious law firm for seven years. In her twenties, Robin was held at gunpoint. She finally realized that she wasn’t happy with her career. She couldn’t stop thinking about the gun pointed at her and wanted to live each day like it was her last. She ditched the law firm and developed a passion for running and exercise, ultimately leading her to Peloton. She says: “I know strength because I’ve known fear – deep fear.”
  3. Sadie Lincoln: CEO & Co-Founder of Barre3
    Barre3 is one of the biggest “trendy” workout classes now-a-days. I personally have never tried it because I hate doing small, controlled movements, even though I know they’re good for you, but I know a ton of people that really enjoy it. What drew me to Sadie Lincoln was her background. She grew up in Eugene, Oregon raised by a single mom. First off, I think it’s cool she grew up in Eugene because that’s where I went to school, so I feel connected to her already. Sadie then moved to San Francisco with her husband and worked for corporate 24-hour Fitness. They were both tired of paying high-rent (understandable for anyone trying to make it into the Bay Area), so they moved to Portland, Oregon. Here, they opened their first Barre3 studio in the Pearl District. She wasn’t exactly sure how people would respond to the type of workout class, but she decided to risk it… and clearly it paid off. In my opinion, she chose the perfect place in Portland to open the studio. I am a BIG fan of the Pearl District. Honestly, I feel weirdly connected to her just because of all the places she’s lived.

So what’s your hurdle moment?

I really enjoy hearing people’s stories, especially relating to wellness, something I’m really passionate about. Checkout this podcast on Apple Podcasts (Spotify Podcast isn’t as good… surprisingly). Have any podcast recommendations for me? Let me know.



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