Interviewing into the Real World: Taylor

Interviewing into the Real World: Taylor

Quote of the Day: “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.”

Today, I’m sharing my interview with my friend Taylor. We have known each other since freaking first grade! We were basically the dynamic duo on our middle school basketball team and have been friends ever since. Taylors just can’t be separated!

  1. Introduce Yourself (school, major, job, etc.) 
    Hi! My name is Taylor and I am a nursing student at Seattle University. I work at Harborview which is the #1 trauma center in the region so I get to see some pretty interesting things!
  2. What made you decide on nursing?
    I never had that aha moment growing up that made me decide on nursing. Honestly even after 2 years at college , I wasn’t sure if I would like nursing. I finally started a job at an assisted living facility and loved working with the old people. I’ve met some amazing people who I will never forget. Now I work at Harborview and am so grateful to work with such amazing nurses who are happy to teach me new things.
  3. What was your gap year like? Did you enjoy focusing on getting experience?
    My gap year was interesting. It was definitely not something that I had planned, but it helped me realize that nursing school was something that I wanted to pursue. It also allowed me to have time to study abroad in India which was one of my most amazing experiences I’ve had.
  4. How have you grown as a person since moving away from home after high school?
    I think I’ve grown a lot as a person since leaving home and learned a lot about myself. Journaling has been an easy way for me to self reflect since we all have things we can work on.
  5. Do you think you’ll stay in Seattle for a while? If not, where would you want to move?
    Realistically I’ll probably end up staying in Seattle after graduation, but I’ve also thought about moving to Austin or Nashville. But, I’ll most likely be staying in Seattle. What can I say, maybe the rain is growing on me.
  6. What’s the dating scene like in such a large city like Seattle? 
    Ah, dating is always interesting. There are lots of men in Seattle, but there’s this thing called the Seattle Freeze. It’s this theory that it is particularly hard in Seattle to make new friends (If you don’t believe me, look it up). I’ve also talked about this with some friends who have noticed how wishy-washy men can be. I’m sure there are some good ones out there!

I seriously can’t believe Taylor and I have known each other for so freaking long. It’s crazy. Glad I get to call her my friend!



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