MNTStudio Pilates Review

MNTStudio Pilates Review

Quote of the Day: “If it burns, you’re getting closer.”

About a month or so ago I posted a review on CorePower and described my experience with it. If I’m being completely honest, I have not gone back since then because I didn’t love it enough to spend the money.

Today, I’m sharing my thoughts on a different type of exercise that I’ve been trying: pilates. So what exactly is pilates? Is it similar to yoga? Will I see results? Is it really easy? These were all questions I had prior to trying it out because I genuinely had no clue what it was and how it was beneficial. Hopefully I can answer some of these questions for you now.

To start off, pilates is a low-impact exercise that focuses on muscle strengthening and flexibility. It can be done on a mat or on a reformer (what I’ve been doing). It is kind of similar to yoga, but I think it targets your core a lot more. Also, it incorporates a lot of slow movements that make your muscles BURN and SCREAM.

So now that we kind of know the basics, lets get into my review on the studio I’ve been going to: MNTStudio.

MNTStudio Review

MNT stands for Movement, Nourish, Transform. It is located in San Francisco and Downtown Palo Alto. The San Francisco studio offers both pilates and barre classes, while the Palo Alto studio only offers pilates classes. I believe that both studios offer nutrition services as well, which I personally think is pretty unique because not a lot of these workout places have that feature.

The Palo Alto studio offers two different type of pilates classes: MNT Signature Reformer and MNT Reformer Bootcamp.

  • MNT Signature Reformer: This class is just your standard pilate’s reformer class. It is 50 minutes long and is taught by an instructor who walks around and makes sure each person is performing the exercises correctly. You don’t need to have any prior pilate’s experience because you basically go at your own pace and you can rest whenever you want.
  • MNT Reformer Bootcamp: This class is the next step up. It is pilates + HIIT. The jump board on the reformer is used a lot, so you’re literally jumping (pushing off the reformer) while laying down… it’s kind of scary, but you get used to it. Your heart rate definitely increases in the class and you 100% will sweat. Once again, it is 50 minutes and taught by an instructor.

I personally prefer the signature reformer class more. I feel like my goal with pilates is to really target and strengthen muscle groups and work those groups slowly until fatigue. That’s exactly what the signature reformer class does. If I wanted a HIIT workout, I’d go do sprints on a treadmill or do a HIIT ride on Peloton.

Quite frequently, whichever class you go to, props will be incorporated. Sometimes you’re using light weights, sometimes you’re using a small ball, and sometimes you’re using a box step. I think the props add a little something to the workout, so I’m into it.

Every single time I go to a pilates class, I am shaking! My core, my shoulders, my hips, my legs, literally everything is working! It is such an amazing feeling to feel my muscles firing. The reformer is also so fun. It take a lot of pressure of my body compared to if I were perform those exercises (ie squats) on my feet.

Days after each pilates class, I am SORE and I don’t get that sore that often anymore. It’s such an amazing feeling and makes me feel as though I am gaining strength and using muscles that I don’t usually use.

I hope to continue my pilates journey because I really like… sooooo much better than yoga in my opinion. It’s definitely a nice change of pace from my usual cardio and strength training workouts and would be really beneficial to me and my body.

If you haven’t tried pilates, I 100% recommend. It’s hard, it’s fun, and it’s worth it!



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