Interviewing into the Real World: Marcus

Interviewing into the Real World: Marcus

Quote of the Day: “Stick with people who pull the magic out of you and not the madness.”

Today will probably be a very interesting interview because it’s with a very interesting human-being! Meet Marcus, my ex-roommate! Marcus and I met freshmen year of college through Ultimate Frisbee and have grown closer and closer since. We started living together junior year of college and it was a BLAST! Now lets find out all about Marcus.

1. Introduce Yourself (school, major, job, etc.)
I am Marcus but most people just call me by ‘creeper’ and ‘Hey hobo’. I have a bachelor degree in physics from the University of Oregon, and I have been practically unemployed my whole life.

2. Are you planning on doing more school? If so, how did you make that decision?
I would love to go back to school, and I’m currently applying for a masters program at UO.  I made the decision to go try to go back because I like studying and having something to stress and obsess over – since school it seems like life has kind of sped up so I guess school kind of just slowed things down for me. I guess I’m also just afraid that any job I could land would get so repetitive or something at some point that I’d go crazy or and grad school sounds like it’s full of surprises.


3. What do you want to do career wise? 
What I want to do career-wise is manage a lighthouse on a distant and raggedy island for ships a’sailing beyond the sea shore at night.  It would be cool if I had to fly to and fro the island every so often in my own personal Cessna 172 (a bonus I’d received for managing this particular lighthouse for whatever government, which is actually sort of shabby because this particular lighthouse job would make me rich enough to buy 172 Cessnas easily – so I guess they could’ve done better). I’d definitely soup that light house place up too. On every trip I’d being over things like tapestries, books, lights, music machines with a wall of records from all eras, and a dope array of telescopes (some of which had to be transported by other means because they were so big and had to be fitted in an optimal spot on the large island mountain instead of on the lighthouse balcony). I’d have all kinds of gadgets for cooking and I’d even have my own cooking show where the background of the show is the sea, and every once in a while I’d have to drop my live cooking stream to go save some ship from catastrophe. Then I’d return to the camera and be like “Now where were we?… Oh yes apple fritter pecan pie that’s right.” Then I’d travel back to the States for half the week while someone covers for me on the island (we usually give each other high fives out of our Cessnas as we fly past each other) and party it up to get my extroverted needs fulfilled before going back to work in the raggedy introverted island yonder. That’s the career I want.

4. Is it hard not being in school anymore? What do you miss the most about it?
What I miss about being in school is feeling like I was a part of something. I often pass through campus to go to the lab to work on my spectrometer project and it just feels like I don’t really belong there anymore. It is sort of like losing a friend. It’s not hard not being in school anymore though, it’s actually really nice to have time to just focus purely on myself and not have to worry about, for example, how to do problems 5 and 6 on my homework two days before it’s due (which even was too late sometimes because I shoulda gone to office hours 2 days before or whatever). I like being able to just do whatever I want (pretty much) nowadays.


5. What was it like living with three other girls?
I’ve lived in three different apartments with roommates now. First time two dudes, third time three girls and now three dudes – living with girls was by far the best in all instances. Honestly, living with three other girls sounded like a frightening prospect at first, but we got along really well and they weren’t like loud obnoxious girls. Besides when they tried to listen to Christmas music 6 months too early and harp on me for hogging all the dishes in my room I think they made really good roommates. If I could live those two years up again I definitely would because we had the best balcony and I miss people watching and talking shit about the awkward pool people with Taylor and Aly from up afar. For some reason I miss walking out and seeing some chick flick or ‘Get Out’ playing on TV and for it to be okay for me to partake in watching and crying.  I only ever really interact with one of my current roommates. He and I have good conversations, but it doesn’t have the same kind of welcoming and relaxed vibe around here as it did with Aly, Taylor and Ellie (screw the other two that replaced Ellie).  It makes me sad that we are all on our own ways now and probably never all back together again, but so it goes and it had gone really well.

6. Are you active? If so, how?
Sexually? No absolutely not. How? Well idk I just suck at talking to girls I guess.

7. Any last things you want to say. Tips or advice or anything. 
Don’t forget that today is the first day of the rest of your life.  You are tied to the ending like the handle of a whip, and if you wait too long to work it there won’t be as much of a whip to crack. But no matter how big a bang you make in the end, you always leave a mark somewhere.


I told you it was going to be a very interesting interview! Like was I asking if he was sexually active…not necessarily lol. And boy does that sound like one fascinating career! Go after your dreams Marcus!



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