Day in the Life: Chinese New Year

Day in the Life: Chinese New Year

Quote of the Day: “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter!”

Gong hei fat choy! Happy Chinese New Year! Not everywhere celebrates Chinese New Year, but my family does obviously because my sister and I are Chinese. We had a really great day… lots of family time and lots of FOOD! I thought I would do a little day in my life and show you what my family did on Chinese New Year.


Chinese New Year

The started off with a basketball game. My friend, Erin and I are coaching two basketball teams: 4th grade boys and 8th grade girls. Today, we had a 4th grade boys basketball game at 9 am. Our team DOMINATES… no joke. We can’t help that we’re so freaking good. Also, our boys decided to make it a point that everyone on the team score a basket… my heart melted. Here’s a little clip of a few boys at practice.

After the basketball game, my family headed to the city (San Francisco). We had reservations at a Chinese restaurant at 4 pm, but decided to go a little early and check out SF MOMA (museum of modern art). SF MOMA is located on Mission Street… it’s a shit show trying to get there.


Nobody in my family had been to the museum before, so it was sure to be an adventure. The museum has 7 floors total. We started at the top and worked our way down. Art is weird… that’s all I have to say. A painted grey wall is not art and it’s not modern art. That’s just my personal opinion. I thought the sculptures looked like any ordinary person could create them as well. The only thing I really enjoyed were the photographs. Photography is such a cool hobby. I wish I were a good photographer.

Here are a few of the exhibits that were actually cool. This “Love” sculpture is sometimes in Union Square! It was cool seeing it without all the people taking pictures in front of it.


After an hour or so, we were so over the museum. I personally don’t think I’ll be going back there, but I would’ve never known that if I didn’t go. It’s good to do different things and explore new places.

Off to dinner we go! We went to M.Y. China in Westfield Mall. It is weird that it’s in the mall, but it is located on the top floor away from all the hustle and bustle. M.Y. China is literally so delicious. I don’t know how authentic the food is, but it is yummy in my tummy. We ordered: fried rice, beef noodles, honey glazed shrimp, green beans, chicken wings, and seafood dumplings. Everything was amazing and I was so full after, but of course saved room for dessert! We had matcha ice cream and egg pudding baos. Baos are so good…remember if you eat them to take the paper off. My dad ate it…typical Shmarkit. I wish I took photos of the food, but I was way too hungry to wait.


Overall, it was a fabulous Chinese New Year… yes, I did get a nice red envelope as well! If you celebrate Chinese New Year, I hope you had a great day and if don’t celebrate it, I still hope you had a great day!



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