Interviewing into the Real World: Nayelli

Interviewing into the Real World: Nayelli

Quote of the Day: “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

Today’s interview is with my friend Nayelli. Nayelli and I became friends in a biology class we took over the summer. The class was absolute hell, but having her in it made it so much more bearable. After that class, we took General Chemistry Lab and Organic Chemistry together…both awful, but somewhat hysterical since we were together. Let’s just say we both struggled hard especially in Organic Chemistry. There were a few moments of panic, but everything worked out haha!

I am so happy Nayelli agreed to do this interview with me! Let’s hear what she has to say.

1. Introduce Yourself (school, major, job, etc). 
Hi, my name is Nayelli and I graduated from University of Oregon, where I pursued a degree in General Science with minors in Chemistry and Spanish. I am from a small coastal town inn Oregon called Seaside. After graduating, I moved to Portland, Oregon. I still needed to finish one prerequisite, so I took it at Portland State University. While taking the class, I also studied for the MCAT. I am currently waiting for a position as a scribe at two urogynecology clinics.


2. What work field are you hoping to get into and why?
I am hoping to take the MCAT in May and depending how well I do, I hope to apply to medical schools. I have always wanted to pursue a career in medicine, but specifically as a Pediatrician. I had a Pediatrician when I was young, who helped me with my asthma. I would get asthma attacks, and she taught me how to fight them. I loved the connection we had and I actually felt like she had a passion for helping unlike other physicians who sometimes give off the impression that they are just there for the pay. I also love kids, so I believe being a pediatrician would be a good fit for me.

3. Why did you decide to not go home and move to Portland instead?
I moved to Portland because Seaside doesn’t really have enough health related jobs that I could do, such as scribing. I also needed to finish my last prerequisite for medical school, so I took that at Portland State University instead of staying in Eugene to finish it. I also wanted to switch things up and live in a bigger city.



4. What’s the biggest transition from college to post-grad life? 
After having a break, it was really hard to get back to studying and it still is. I don’t have specific deadlines during the week like I did in college, so studying for the MCAT has been challenging. But I also think another challenging thing has been finding a job. Who would’ve known the adult world would be so competitive? Not me!

5. Is it hard to stay social? How do you do it?
Now that I am a post-grad, it has been harder to be social. I also have a bad habit of not reaching out to some of my friends who live far away from me. It’s not because I don’t care, but I’ve always been bad at reaching out. However, I have gotten better and I will send a message every once in a while just to catch up or even Facetime. As for being social in Portland, it has also been hard because you are no longer meeting people through school, so you have to meet people through work or hobbies. But thankfully, I live with some of my closest friends, so being social with them is easier because I get to see them every day:)


6. What is your favorite thing about being out of school? 
In a way, being able to relax. I can’t remember the last time I felt like that during college. Although I still have to study, I am not constantly worrying about assignments or tests.

7. Any last things you want to say. Tips or advice or anything. 
I would say travel and use your 20’s to grow and become the person you would like to be. Keep up with your hobbies and always strive to be the best!:)


Nayelli is one of the only people I actually became close to because of class and I am so happy about it! Can’t you tell how nice she is? Way to go after your dreams and fingers crossed for med school! Thanks for the interview Nayelli!



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