CorePower Review

CorePower Review

In 2020, I strive to explore new ways to workout and be active. The gym is great, but sometimes I just get a little bored of doing the same exercises and need to switch it up. CorePower Yoga caught my attention just at the right time!


CorePower Yoga is located throughout the United States. If you live near a big city, there’s bound to be a CorePower near by. The great thing about this place is that it offers a free week trial for new members. I really appreciate workout studios that offer a free week rather than just one free class especially if the studio offers many different class types.

CorePower is unique because they offer four different yoga classes, three of them being hot yoga. The four different classes include: CorePower 1, CorePower 2, Hot Power Fusion, and Yoga Sculpt. I tried out three out of four class types, which I will discuss later on.

Inside the CorePower Studio Locker Room:


Prior to CorePower, I had very little experience with yoga. I think I’d been to one yoga class and had tried numerous yoga videos on YouTube, but never fell in love with it. I am so inflexible, so to me, yoga just doesn’t feel good + I really don’t like stretching that much. I do however think that yoga is a great workout because it’s completely body weight so your muscles are firing. Yogi’s are able to hold themselves up in incredible ways…it’s really awesome! If I decide to continue yoga, I hope I’ll be able to hold myself up.

What to Wear: I recommend wearing tighter workout clothes. A lot of girls wore tight tank tops and leggings or just sports bra and leggings. The few men that I saw go wore tank tops and shorts or no shirt and shorts.

What to Bring: A yoga mat is required, but I also suggest bringing a towel and water bottle. If you don’t have a mat or towel, you can borrow some of theirs (for a fee). All the classes are barefoot, so there’s no need to bring athletic shoes.

Now onto the breakdown of each class…

CorePower 1
This is the very beginner class and the only class that is not heated. The instructors move at a relatively slow pace and really focus on breath. Also, the poses and the sun salutations are simple and not too confusing or hard on the body.

Throughout my free week, I went to two CorePower 1 classes because I was way too intimidated to go to a hot yoga class. When I walked into the room, I thought “This isn’t hot? I don’t even want to know what a hot yoga room feels like!” I think there must’ve been a hot yoga class prior to mine because it felt heated for sure. Something I wasn’t really a fan of was that the instructor wasn’t in front performing the moves. She was just guiding using her voice. If I had never done yoga before, then I wouldn’t have known what I should be doing.

CorePower 2
After two times at the CorePower 1 class, I thought I could turn up the heat a little bit…literally. CorePower 2 is set in a 93-100 degree room. It basically follows the exact same structure as CorePower 1, except the moves are a bit more advanced and the flow is slightly faster.

When I went to this class, I didn’t feel that it was much hotter than the CorePower 1 class.  In fact, I didn’t even sweat much more. I did feel that the core section was harder than the previous class, but that was expected. Also, the instructor instructed us to perform more advanced moves such as a handstand, but I was not ready for that, which was totally acceptable.

Yoga Sculpt
I didn’t want to end my week trial without trying the hardest class. All I can say is wow! Yoga sculpt is the most advanced class because a lot of the moves use dumbbells and it’s just intense on a whole different level. The room is set to 85-95 degrees with no humidity added. Be ready to SWEAT!

When I went to this, there were literally so many people. All of our mats were really close to each other so everyone was able to fit. Even from the very beginning, I knew this class was going to be hard. We started with a lot of plank variations, pushup variations, and mountain climbers. Then throughout the class, we would use weights while performing yoga poses and we would use weights to tone all areas of our bodies. This class is so intense. I didn’t really sweat that much in the other two classes, but in this one, I was DRIPPING. My yoga mat got a little wet not going to lie.

If I’m being completely honest, this is the only class that I think is worth it. It’s so different than typical yoga and it’s such a good workout. If I didn’t work out consistently, I probably would’ve died in this class. If you’re a beginner to working out, I do not recommend taking this class first.

Overall, my experience with CorePower was pretty positive, but I’m not sure if I would go to a class if it wasn’t free. Each class is $32…like what? Also, I didn’t really fall in love with yoga, but I do feel like it stretched me out a bit and I definitely needed that!

If you have a CorePower Yoga studio near you, you should definitely take advantage of the free week especially if you’ve always wondered about yoga. I think after a week trial, it becomes very clear whether or not yoga is for you… I would say not for me, but hey at least I tried.





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