Getting Ready for the New Year

Getting Ready for the New Year

Happy New Year! I hope you are all ready to get after 2020 and be the best person you can be. I am really still in shock that it’s 2020… it has a nice ring to it though.

Today, I wanted to share how I get organized for the New Year. I am personally a big fan of creating my own planner and incorporating certain pages to help me stay organized, on top of tasks, and goal-oriented. I use a notebook from Archer & Olive because I like that it has dotted, blank pages. It makes it really easy to customize everything for your needs. Keep reading to see what my planner looks like and how I organize it.

Getting Organized: 

I started off with a cover page with my name. I think the wreath turned out okay, but don’t look too closely. It gets worse the closer you get. My next page is a pocket door 2020 sign. I got this idea from Shayda Campbell. I decide to color in the flowers and leaves, but I wish I just stuck with neutral’s.


As seen in my previous post, I like creating resolutions for the year. I shared a few of them on my blog, but will write all of them down in my planner. Do I really believe in resolutions? I’m not sure, but they’re still kind of fun to make.

74FEDBAE-0BB6-432A-ACC8-48CF3171E5905404E11A-F6C8-46A0-A40E-FCB5A62F6F49It’s really nice to have an overview of the entire year, so I created (still in the process) this “year at a glance” page. This page is always the most tedious to create because of all the months and days. It’ll look better once it’s complete.

I had a blank page, so I wrote out this quote: “Cheers to a New Year & Another Chance to Get It Right”. It doesn’t look great, but that’s okay.

Now time for the first month! I drew this carnation pocket door and really like the way it turned out. I am not a great artist, but this was actually really easy to draw.

I decided to try out a habit tracker for the month. I don’t know if I’ll be able to actually track everything, but if I am able to, I think it would be cool to look back on. Next to the habit tracker, I put my goals for January. I clearly have a lot of goals for the month.

59EF4734-4AF8-4124-9F65-20A981955D69This last page is my weekly layout. I’ve been making this weekly layout for around 2 years now. It works the best for me. I like that it is really simplistic and there’s a lot of space to write tasks for each day.

I really enjoy creating my own planner because it lets me be creative. It’s also really therapeutic. I typically create my weekly layout week-by-week instead of all four weeks at the beginning of the month. I hope you found this interesting. If you haven’t tried out creating your own planner, I recommend it…the options are endless!



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