Gift Guide 2019: Personalized

Gift Guide 2019: Personalized

Nine days until Christmas! I know this is super late, but I am still posting gift guides for those last minute shoppers. Today I share a personalized gift guide. Personalized gifts are honestly the best and so special. Here are few that I love and think would make perfect gifts for people on your list.

Gift Guide: Personalized
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Gift Guide: Personalized
  1. Hawkins- Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle: This is seriously the nicest cutting board to ever exist. There are so many different options to choose from on the website. My cousin and his wife actually are the owners and have really created an awesome business.
  2. Personalized Necklace Initial Necklace: I love jewelry that is personalized. I think there’s something so special about wearing a piece of jewelry everyday that actually  has a symbolic date or initials of someone important.
  3. Lovely Wreath Personalized Stationary: Not only is this gift extremely cute, but it’s also a great way to make sure you stay in touch with whomever you give this to! There are so many options to choose from, so you’re bound to find something that the recipient will love!
  4. Shutterfly Photo Album: Nothing better than looking at old photos and reminiscing. Photo albums are seriously such an amazing gift because they are so personal and fun to look at.
  5. Brass Easel Photo Desk Calendar: Not sure if people use calendars instead of their phones anymore, but they would if they received this gift! You are able to choose a photo that represents each month. I personally think this would be such a fun decor piece.
  6. Personalized Wood Wireless Charger: This is cool! I think wireless chargers are becoming more of a thing and I think this one is really awesome. I mean look how pretty it is. No one would ever be able to steal your charger without you knowing.
  7. Proper Letter Custom Ornaments: Calligraphy + Ornaments. What a great and beautiful combination. There’s an array of colors to choose from and you can put anything you want on the ornaments.
  8. Personalized Mens Wooden Watch: All men need a watch right? Actually everyone needs a watch because they’re just so handy. This watch is really cool and sleek looking. It’s no Apple Watch, but for those more businessy days or formal days, I think this would look way better!

Personalized gifts are so fun, but not many people get them for others. I challenge you to gift at least one personalized gift!



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