What I Actually Accomplished Before Turning 22

What I Actually Accomplished Before Turning 22

I recently turned 22 years old (November 9) and before my birthday, I set a few goals that I wanted to accomplish. I did this last year before I turned 21 and I thought it was really fun to work towards something in a short amount of time, so I decided to do it again for my 22nd. Let’s see what I accomplished and what I failed to accomplish.


  1. I held a 3 minute plank: I am in SHOCK that I was able to do this especially because I rarely practiced holding my plank for a month. About a month ago, I started the “Crush Your Core” program on Peloton. This is basically a monthly long program that works your core every day for 10 minutes. Surprisingly I’ve been sticking to it and I can tell my core has gotten a lot strong! Honestly, I think this is the reason why I was able to hold that 3 minute plank. Next goal: 5 minutes like my mom!
  2. I cooked a new meal: I actually did this pretty much right when I made this goal because I really wanted a nice home cooked meal. There’s honestly nothing better than eating at home. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating out, but I just feel a lot better and less bloated when I eat at home. My boyfriend has and InstantPot, so I went on to Pinterest and found this AMAZING recipe. I made Healthy Instant Pot Mongolian Beef. This was so easy to make and it turned out really well. I definitely will make this again, but next time I’ll double it because I have a hungry boyfriend!
    Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 10.23.24 AM
  3. I performed 5 pull-ups: Okay this is kind of an accomplishment, but not fully. I definitely did do 5 pull-ups, but I didn’t fully lock my arms when my arms were straight. I see a lot of people (guys specifically) in the gym who can crank out a lot of pull-ups, but never fully extend their arms…so it’s fine if I don’t right? Either way, I was pretty happy about this! (This video is me performing pull-ups, but not when I did my 5 pull-ups)
  4.  I ran 5 miles: This was EXHAUSTING. I honestly was most nervous about this because thinking about running 5 miles just sounds really painful for me. However, one Friday, Drew and I decided that was the day and IT WAS! I got a side stitch around mile 3, but I knew I didn’t want to try and run the 5 miles all over again, so I just needed to get the job done! I have no idea what my time was, but I don’t really care about that aspect too much. I really want to run 7 miles next!


  1. I didn’t do a sunrise hike: I’m sad this never happened, but I still want to go on a sunrise hike sometime soon. While in Hawaii, my family wanted to go up Haleakala and watch the sunset, but we were unable to get tickets. Although that wouldn’t have counted as a hike, it wouldn’t been the BEST sunrise! Maybe over winter break I’ll go on my sunrise hike! Kylie, you down?
  2. I kind of did a week social media detox: When I went to Hawaii, I made a decision to delete my Instagram app. I did this so I could really stay present on my trip and give all my attention to my family. I really enjoyed not spending so much time scrolling through Instagram, despite wanting to put some things on my story! I didn’t go on Instagram for about 4 or 5 days, but I really wanted to do a whole week. Maybe in 2020 I will completely get rid of it!

Well that’s it for my accomplishment and failures for this year. Until next year when I’m turning 23! Oh gosh, 23 years old seems SO OLD. I’m freaking out. If you want to check out my goals from this year and last year, click the links!

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