My 22nd Birthday

My 22nd Birthday

I recently (November 9) turned 22 years old. I can’t believe it. How am I so old? Before I know it I’ll be 25, then 30, then 40. Oh gosh… I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m sad my birthday’s over and I have to wait a whole year! I’m such a birthday person. Today I thought I would share what I did on my birthday!

22nd Birthday
I spent my birthday in Portland with my boyfriend. We started the day with some Off the Waffle. I freaking love that place (and so do both my parents). Liege waffles are seriously the best…probably because there’s so much sugar in them. I got a waffle with eggs and bacon and Drew got a waffle with Nutella, banana, and whipped cream. I think I liked his waffle more than mine.

After breakfast, we hung out at Drew’s house for a bit. He did some homework, while I talked to my mom. I love phone calls with my mom!

Next, lunch. It seems like all I did was eat on my birthday…but hey nothing wrong with that! We went to the Pearl District and ate at Break Bread. This sandwich place is seriously SO good. I ordered the “#1”. At least I think that’s what it’s called. It has turkey, cheese, lettuce, and other stuff. It’s DELICIOUS. I love this photo of Drew. It’s so cute.


The Pearl District is my favorite place in Portland plus there’s some good shopping there, so OF COURSE we had to shop. We went into Anthropologie, and to our surprise they had a hot chocolate stand. It took us forever to figure out how to get the hot water out of the thermos…we’re dumb. We also went in Madewell and Lululemon… two of my FAVORITE shops.


Of course we can’t go. a day without working out. I take that back. Drew can’t go a day without working out, so we went back to the house and got shit done! We’re so strong.

For dinner we went to my favorite sushi place: Bamboo Sushi. The food there is amazing. I really like their Green Machine roll and their hamburger. I ordered the Green Machine because I wanted to save room for my ice cream. I also ordered a drink, but did not like it AT ALL. Thank gosh Drew liked it enough to drink it.


To end our day of eating, we went to Salt & Straw. They updated their flavors and added their new Thanksgiving flavors. We were both super stoked about the new flavors because they sounded amazing, but surprisingly neither of us ordered the special flavors. Drew got caramel something and I got almond brittle ganache. Love me some crunch in my ice cream. Also this marked my last day of eating like shit, so I had to indulge.


We finished off my birthday with a movie! We watched Last Christmas. Honestly, horrible movie. It was so boring and just really weird. I was really looking forward to it since it was all about Christmas. I was very disappointed.

Oh yeah… I forgot. PRESENTS. Drew gave me his present and it was so sweet. I died reading his card and the gifts he gave me were so thoughtful…even though I can’t eat one of them. He’s so considerate!

Also, I just got my gift from my parents. A new phone! I am so thankful because I really wanted a new one but didn’t want to have to pay for it myself. Now I can take higher quality photos for my blog! Side note: My mom’s so adorable in this photo. It was sent from my dad on my birthday.


Overall, I had a FABULOUS birthday thanks to my parents and Drew. Birthday’s are so special and honestly, I love feeling special on my birthday. I also love making other’s feel special on their birthdays. I can’t wait to celebrate Drew’s birthday on December 20!




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