Travel Diary: Maui (Day 4, 5, & 6)

Travel Diary: Maui (Day 4, 5, & 6)

Welcome to the second half of my Maui vacation! If you missed the first three days, make sure to click the link: Travel Diary: Maui (Day 1, 2, & 3).

I’ve been to Maui a number of times, so I can pretty much tell you all the best places to go to. I’m sure I haven’t seen EVERYTHING, but I have seen and done a lot. Vacations now are a lot more chill though, which I don’t really have a problem with.

Here’s what I did the second half of my trip!

Day Four (November 4): Family Photos and Paia

We had a very unusual start to our day. We had a photoshoot for our 2019 Christmas card. We have never taken our family photo this early before, so maybe for once I’ll send out our Christmas cards before Christmas :)!

It was very difficult to take these photos because all we had was an iPhone and no tripod.  We either had to prop up the phone or ask random people to take our photos. We walked all along the boardwalk searching for the picture perfect spot, but had difficulty finding it. A half hour photoshoot soon turned into an hour long photoshoot. Tensions were running high…I’ll leave it at that. But hey, we got a winner!


After our very fun photoshoot, we decided to head to Paia because I wanted an açaí bowl…typical. We first stopped at this restaurant my dad obsesses over called Tasty Crust. I’d say it’s pretty authentic Hawaiian food (Loco Moco, Saimen, etc.) and basically only locals go here. I have to admit, their food is really good!

Next stop, açaí bowl! At this point I wasn’t very hungry, but I still wanted to check out this new açaí bowl place I discovered called Paia Bowls. Paia is a town near the airport, but a little more east. The açaí bowl was okay, but not anything special. I did like the papaya though. Also, the atmosphere was really cute, so that’s always a plus in my books!


The woman working at Paia Bowls told us about Jaws Lookout. This place is known for great surfing and HUGE waves. I’ve never seen waves these big in my life. I would honestly die if I tried to surf them. I just can’t even imagine. It was really awesome watching the waves and surfers.


To end the day, we swam! Like I said before, I am a little fish!

Day Five (November 5): Old Lahaina Town

My last full day…crying. This day started off with a run. I don’t love running outside, but I do when I’m in Hawaii.

My parents had a timeshare presentation to go to, so my sister and I were on our own for the morning. We ventured to Target (so Hawaiian) and I got my first birthday gift. My sister gave me this really cool hair brush dryer thing. I’m a fan. After, we had to go back to Maui Brewing Company and get my dad some beer. Why he’s obsessed? I will never know.

We picked my parents up back at the hotel and headed to Old Lahaina Town. The main street, Front St., is right on the ocean and is lined with a bunch of shops and restaurants. We had lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise, a classic. This place isn’t really special, but I think I would put it on my “must go” list. It’s especially awesome when you get a table right by the window!


I love walking along Front St. because I love shopping…clearly. My dad dragged the family to the Maui Jim Headquarters because he wanted a new pair of sunglasses. I think he has about 6 pairs! My mom ended up getting a very similar pair of sunglasses as my dad. He was freaking out; we were cracking up!


To end the day, we got gelato at Ono Gelato in Whalers Village. This place is fairly new and it is delicious! I really like their coffee crunch. They also have the BEST coconut peanut butter. I bought a jar to take back to Oregon because it’s THAT good!

Day Six (November 6): Relax and Goodbyes 

Boohoo last day! I obviously needed to start off my last day with a run! My mom and I ran to the Sheraton and then went to the top floor to check out the view. I can’t believe we hadn’t done this before because the view was spectacular!

Today marked the half-way point for our trip (well my family’s trip), so we moved hotels. The second half of our vacations are ALWAYS at the Ka’anapli Ali’i, aka the best place ever! We’ve been staying here since forever and will never not stay here. We love these condos because they’re private and the people who stay here are typically people who have stayed here for YEARS! It’s a completely different vibe than a resort. I’d say it’s a little more intimate. When I have my own family, I will for sure be staying here.


I really just wanted to relax all day because my flight was that night. We sat by the pool, swam, and hot tubbed. Actually, in the hot tub, we met the brother-in-law of the people who started Dutch Bros. That was really random and cool since obviously we’ve all been to Dutch Bros (my dad’s obsessed).


To end my trip, we went to dinner at Hula Grill in Whalers Village. We pretty much come here for our last meal every time we go to Maui. I really like the food! I also got my first alcohol Pina colada. I think I’ll stick with virgin one’s. The restaurant gave me free Hula Pie for my birthday! The perfect birthday celebration and the perfect way to end the trip!


Off to the airport I go and back to Eugene I go. Sad to leave my family and Maui aka my second home, but I had a very nice time! I’m so glad I got to go! Thanks mom and dad! Can’t wait till next time!




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