Workout With My Boyfriend

Workout With My Boyfriend

I have never met anyone who likes going to the gym as much as my boyfriend, Drew. He seriously NEVER misses a day even when he has a bunch of schoolwork to do. I think it’s really awesome how motivated he is to stay fit and he really motivates me to go to the gym everyday too…mainly because I feel guilty if he goes to workout and I stay at home and watch Netflix or something.

Awhile ago I asked him how he stays motivated to workout everyday. He said: “I feel better when I get exercise and to prove to myself I have the willpower.” I think those two reasons are the best reasons to workout. Do it for yourself and no one else. He’s such an inspiration.

Recently I started filming Drew in the gym because 1) I wanted to write this blog post 2) I wanted to see his form when he performs his exercises so I can recreate it and 3) he just looks great. So here is a little bit of Drew’s workout routine.

Drew’s Workout Routine

  • Cardio: Drew typically starts out with some sort of run. I think he starts with cardio mainly because I make him since I HAVE to do cardio in the beginning. When we first started working out together, he told me he never ran more than 2 miles. In my mind that meant he couldn’t do it right away. Boy did he prove me wrong. He literally ran 4 miles the freaking next day. Grr. Now he runs almost everyday whether that be a long run (6 miles), shorter run (2-3 miles) or sprints (1 min on, 1 min off). That boy can run!
  • Pull-ups: This is another exercise that I’ve watched Drew progress in throughout knowing him. I specifically remember one night when we went to the gym and had a pull-up “competition.” We pretty much both were able to do the same amount of chin-ups, but now he can do way more! He can do 10 actual pull-ups (probably more if he really wanted to) and A LOT of chin-ups! It’s been awesome watching him make such great progress.
  • Lifting: I think Drew lifts about 2-3 times a week (not exactly sure how often). He does a lot of bench press, which works pectorals, deltoids, triceps, and lats. He either does 3 sets of 8 reps or 5 sets of 5 reps and gradually increases the weight. He lifts HEAVY! Along with bench press, he does a lot of shoulder press. Shoulder press works deltoids, abdominals, and traps.
  • Machines: If you haven’t noticed Drew’s arms, you should because they’re ðŸ‘Œ . Like most guys, Drew works a lot on his arms and it clearly pays off. He uses machines to work every arm muscle. These are also some of my favorite things to do at the gym because I secretly want arms like Drew’s. Who doesn’t? Okay, enough about his arms.
  • Basketball: To end his workout, Drew plays basketball. He will either shoot around by himself, play one-on-one with ME or his roommate Devin, or he’ll play games with other guys. I LOVE watching him play because he’s GOOD and I just love watching basketball. What a perfect way to end a gym session!

Overall, Drew’s workout can last anywhere from 30 minutes-2.5 hours. This is also just a few examples of what he does at the gym, but it changes day-to-day. Sometimes he will do more high-intensity plyometric stuff and some days he’ll just do some nice steady cardio. I think changing it up is the best way to workout so it doesn’t get boring!

Well this was fun sharing someone else’s workout routine. I hope this inspires you because I know it inspires me. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but Drew has dealt with weight problems in the past (maybe he’ll let me talk about it more later), but he stayed motivated and determined and now feels and looks AMAZING! Hard works pays off! Motivating.






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  1. Brenda
    October 26, 2019 / 4:16 pm

    That boyfriend of yours is a stud! 😂

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