Things I Want to Accomplish Before Turning 22

Things I Want to Accomplish  Before Turning 22

Last year, when I was turning 21, I posted the blog post: “Things I Want to Accomplish Before Turning 21“. I came up with a list of six things I wanted to accomplish before turning 21 and basically stated why I wanted to accomplish them. My birthday is around one month away (November 9) and I thought, hey I should come up with another list of things I want to accomplish before turning 22! When I turned 21, I was able to complete half of the list and I really want to challenge myself and complete ALL or MORE this year. So what do I want to accomplish?

Things I Want to Accomplish Before Turning 22 (November 9): 

  • Hold a 3 Minute Plank: Last year my goal was to hold a 2 minute plank…I accomplished that. It’s slightly sad that it has taken me a whole year to get to 3 minutes (well I’m not there yet), but it’s HARD. I honestly can barely hold a 2 minute plank right now, so this goal is going to be very challenging.
  • Sunrise Hike: This summer I went on a few hikes (more than usual) and they were really fun. I’ve always wanted to hike and watch the sunrise, so yes, I will do that. It’s not really a great time to do that in Oregon because it’ll most likely be wet and rainy 80% of the time, but I will make it happen.
  • Cook a New Meal: I am not a good cook at all…well I wouldn’t say “at all” because I can make some things, but nothing too exciting. I love that my parents are both great cooks and that they always cooked dinners while I was growing up. It’s gotten me slightly concerned for my children because I can’t make too many dishes. I want to learn to make something new and hopefully expand my cooking skills!
  • 5 Pull-ups: This one is actually crazy to me because about 6 months ago, I couldn’t do ONE pull-up. I’ve always been able to do chin-ups, but haven’t been able to do pull-ups in a while. I don’t know how all of a sudden I’ve been able to do pull-ups, but I’m at 3! It’s honestly crazy! If I hit 5, I will be very impressed with myself.
  • One Week Social Media Detox: I have the tendency to check Instagram basically whenever I feel really bored throughout the day and I find myself aimlessly scrolling through it for awhile at a time. It’s a complete waste of my time and it’s so pointless. Before I turn 22, I want to do a social media detox and just be more present and productive.
  • Run 5 Miles: Originally my goal was to run a 10k, but since I can’t even run 4 miles yet, I decided to just make it 5 miles. My runs can either be really great and relaxing or they can be horrible. When I say horrible, I mean I get a really bad side cramp and honestly cannot continue. It sucks and that’s been happening A LOT recently. I think I can easily run 5 miles as long as I don’t get a side cramp.

Well, those are the goals I want to achieve before turning 22. I’m honestly excited to see what I’ll be able to accomplish in one month. I better get going! Make sure to check back in a month to see what I actually accomplished.




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