My Workout Routine

My Workout Routine

A few days ago I decided to film myself in the gym to show you what my typical workout looks like. Let me start off by saying that filming in the gym is freaking weird. It’s fine when no one is there, but when there are people there, it’s just uncomfortable. I try and do it as subtly as possible, but I definitely get some stares. Oh well!

I workout 4-7 days a week depending on the week and how I feel. Some weeks I feel extremely motivated and ready to get after it. Other weeks all I want to do is sit on the couch and watch Netflix all day (side note: has anyone seen Dead to Me ? It’s so good. I can’t wait for season 2). My workouts also vary day-to-day. This post is just one example of what a day at the gym might look like, but note that the exercises change daily.

What I Do At the Gym 

Cardio: benefits heart, lungs, and circulatory system

I love cardio way more than lifting. I think it is a lot more fun and personally makes me feel like I workout harder since I sweat more…I know that’s not the case though. I try and do at least 30 minutes of cardio/day. Today, I ran 2 miles and then I did 7 minutes of intervals (1 minute jog, 1 minute run/sprint). Other days I’ll do Peloton (my favorite instructors are: Ally Love, Emma Lovewell, and Olivia Amato), elliptical, or stair master.

Benchpress: works deltoids, triceps, pectorals, and latissimus dorsi

I try and do benchpress at least a few times a week. I like the one that is connected to the sides and just slides up and down (idk what it’s called) compared to the one that you physically lift up (too hard for me). I perform 4-5 sets with 8 reps in each set. I gradually get heavier in weight, not necessarily after every set, but at least a few times.

Squats: works quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves

Squats are a personal favorite. When I first started working out, I could barely do squats without getting completely sore…it was sad. Now I do squats all the time. There are so many different variations you can do to switch it up: add a weight or a medicine ball; add a push press; do it on a BOSU ball (the half dome ball thing); jump…so many options! I typically do 3 sets of 10 reps. Here, I was holding a 17.6 lb kettlebell.

Lunge with Push Press: works quads, glutes, calves, hamstrings, deltoids, triceps

This exercise burned… specifically my shoulders. Basically, you hold a lunge (clearly I need to go down lower) and perform a push press. This exercise targets so many different muscles making it a great exercise to add to your routine. I did 3 sets of 10 presses on each leg. My shoulders were dead after the first set. I did this exercise with a 15 lb dumbbell

Dumbbell Row: works latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, and traps

Not going to lie, I kind of feel stupid when I do this exercise, but I don’t know why. It’s not my favorite, but I still do it occasionally. You can also perform this exercise on your knee if you don’t have access to a bench or anything. Once again I do 3 sets of 10 reps on each side. I used a 20 lb dumbbell for all 3 sets. Sometimes I increase the weight, while other times I’ll just stick with the same weight.

TRX Ab Exercise: works abdominals, deltoids, glutes, quads, and obliques

I started using TRX bands ever since I started going the gym at school. I love them because all the exercises you perform with them are strictly body weight. Body weight exercises are honestly the best and I feel work the most. TRX bands are so versatile. You can work everything! My mom showed me this exercise recently. I’d say I have a pretty strong core, but this kills me because it’s so hard. I start off with one oblique crunch on each side followed by one knee in (lol idk what to call that) and a pike. I try and do 5 of those before I completely collapse. I will do that whole thing 3 times if I can. If you have access to TRX bands, try this exercise and try doing other exercises with them as well.

Ab Circuit: works abdominals, triceps, quads, glutes, and obliques

I love finishing my workout with some sort of ab circuit. Working the core is so important because a strong core helps with stability and balance when performing everyday tasks and activities. I perform one exercise 10 times, then move onto the next exercise, etc. I will complete that circuit 3 times total. It burns a lot by the end, but it’s so worth it!

There are so many more exercises that target different muscles; it’s great having a lot of different options. This was just a little example of one day at the gym, but I also love doing pushups, pull-ups, and planks. They’re a staple in my workout. Compound exercises and bodyweight exercises are also my favorite because I feel like they target a bunch of different muscles all at once. This was fun. Maybe I’ll post my workout periodically.



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