Five Random Things About Me

Five Random Things About Me

If I’m being completely honest, I had no clue what to post today. I stared at my computer screen for a while trying to come up with ideas, but my mind was completely blank. I finally decided to just post random facts about myself…obviously you can tell from the title. These facts are SO RANDOM! Enjoy getting to know me more 🙂

Random Facts About ME:

  1. I Dance… Naked: There’s something about waiting for the shower to warm up, blasting music, and dancing naked while staring at yourself in the mirror. Anyone else do this or is it just me? Probably just me because I’m so freaking weird, but it is really truly fun! I do this almost every single time I take a shower.
  2. I Hate Rubbing Sunscreen On People’s Backs: Honestly, YUCK! I say no every single time someone asks me to rub sunscreen on their back. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know, it’s just really gross to me.
  3. I’m a Shopaholic: This is my biggest flaw in life. Kidding I have many bigger flaws, but this is definitely up there. I love shopping so much, like so much! I think I get it from my mom because she shops a lot too. I buy A LOT of cute clothes, but the funny thing is, I never actually wear the cute clothes. I tend to lean more towards leggings and t-shirts. I’m working on upping my fashion game though. I should definitely stop shopping for two reasons. One: I have no money! Two: I have no closet space. Very problematic.
  4. I’m Afraid of Mascots: It is so weird that people dress up in costumes and walk around taking pictures with crowds and what not. I hate that you never know who is inside the costume. What if it is some creeper? Your kids are probably taking pictures with that creeper. I literally run away if a mascot comes near me! NO THANK YOU! Stranger danger.
  5. I Very Rarely Shave My Legs: Is this too TMI? I mean it’s not more TMI than dancing naked right? But yeah I pretty much only shave my legs four times a year aka once every season. Do you think that’s gross? In my defense, I don’t grow too much leg hair (thankful I’m Asian) so I can get away with it. Trust me, if I did grow more hair, I’d be shaving once a week.

I hope you enjoyed reading these extremely random facts about me. I actually had a lot of fun coming up with these. It’s HARD thinking of facts about yourself that aren’t just the typical ones like hobbies, dreams, aspirations, etc. What are random facts about YOURSELF?



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