Travel Diary: Los Cabos, Mexico

Travel Diary: Los Cabos, Mexico

My mom and I just got back from our girls trip to Los Cabos, Mexico! Actually, as you read this, we’re probably at the airport or on our flight back home. My mom and I have been to Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. I also went to San Miguel de Allende with my friends, but neither of us had ever been to Cabo, until now.

Overall, the trip was really fun and I’m glad I got to go with my favorite person in the entire world! I am, however, ready to be home and eat some home cooked food. I thought I would share some photos from our trip and share a little of what we did throughout the week! Enjoy!

Where We Stayed

We stayed at the JW Marriott in Los Cabos. It is about 40 minutes or so from the airport and is basically the furthest hotel from…well, anywhere. The hotel is VERY NICE though! It has so many different swimming pools and is right by the ocean! Unfortunately, there were black flags up on the beach all week, which meant no swimming and no going down on the beach. The hotel also had a few restaurants that were pretty good. The breakfast buffet was to die for. I had a lot of Atole (Mexican corn drink or something)!


The best part about the hotel, besides the AMAZING shower, was that it was practically EMPTY! I guess July is their offseason, which makes zero sense to me since it’s freaking summer, but I’m not complaining. The pools weren’t crowded and the gym wasn’t very crowded either! Woohoo!


What We Ate

We ate a lot! Ugh I feel gross. But I am pretty happy with the meals that I had. This watermelon salad was delicious, even though I was very skeptical at first because I don’t really like salad. Also, this ribeye was AHHHH-MAZING! I love steak more than anything in the world (how did I go vegetarian for two year)?


We went to dinner at Flora Farms, a really popular farm to table restaurant. I got a pizza with a fried egg. Honestly, everything tastes better with a fried egg added to it. For dessert that night, we had some coconut rice pudding. I’ve been a rice pudding fanatic since childhood, so boy was I happy! 🙂


We had sushi a few times because my mom is freaking obsessed with sushi, well she’s actually obsessed with anything Japanese. But I’m always down for some sushi too (especially Bamboo Sushi, which I’ll hopefully get to go to next week).


A lot of people told us to go to this one restaurant called The Office in Cabo San Lucas. It is right on the beach, so that was nice. I ordered flank steak tacos. They were just okay in my opinion though. I liked the steak tacos at the hotel way better.


What We Did 

This trip was definitely more of an R&R type of trip rather than adventures everyday. Plus the excursions they have here are things that my family has done multiple times in the past, such as snorkeling, ATVs, zip lining, surfing, parasailing etc. There’s only so many times you can do that stuff because it’s honestly the same everywhere you go.


My mom and I laid out by the pool a lot and relaxed. It was really nice because it was so freaking hot and humid. Unfortunately for me, I had a little accident, the first day, that prevented me from fully submerging myself in the water, but it’s fine.


On Friday, we went to Flora Farms. It’s a restaurant, but it’s also so much more. There are so many cute little shops to visit. There’s also a market to buy produce that was grown directly on the farm. And there is a pond filled with fish and turtles. It is seriously so beautiful there.


On Sunday, we went into Cabo San Lucas. This is where everything is…especially shopping and night life (I know this from watching Laguna Beach). We went tequila tasting at 10:00 am haha. Tequila is NOT good in my opinion. We then went on a glass bottom boat to see the famous Arch. It was really pretty! I love boats. After we got a little time to shop around and explore the Marina a bit.


Monday night we went on a sunset cruise on a sail boat. It was so pretty! At first I was sad because I didn’t think the sunset was going to be that good since it was pretty cloudy; however, it ended up being really pretty! The water was ROCKY and a lot of people actually ended up getting sick. Yuck. My dad for sure would’ve, but not me and my mom! Also, two people thought I was wayyy younger than I actually am. The first person thought I graduated from high school, not college. WRONG. And the the second person thought I was too young to have a boyfriend. WRONG.


Yesterday, our last day, we went to the spa. The pool there was AMAZING! Honestly, the nicest pool area I’ve ever been to. We spent the day swimming and enjoying the beautiful surrounding. My mom then went to get a massage, while I got my nails done. I cannot get a massage because I am WAY to ticklish for that! Anyone ticklish like me? Then you know the struggle.


Also the last night, we BASICALLY witnessed a marriage proposal. The guy had this one area set up all cute and ahhh so romantic! I love that type of stuff. I’m such a romantic. All I know is when my future husband is proposing, he better think of something this cute! F268B4B9-A277-487F-B547-4E01CC873DED

Cabo was really great! I can’t say it’s my favorite place in Mexico, but I definitely would come back here. If I were to come back, I’d probably want to stay more in Cabo San Lucas because there is more to do. Also, I’d definitely go clubbing…sounds so fun! Well, hope you enjoyed and made it through this LONG blog post! Next stop, PORTLAND!



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