How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

Staying healthy when traveling seems nearly impossible when you’re surrounded by buffets, drinks, and desserts. Honestly, how can anyone resist all of that? How can anyone stay healthy? The answer. Well when you’re with my mom, you can’t. As much as she tries and blames our overindulgence and overeating on me, it’s ALL HER… not kidding. However, luckily for all of you (except my dad…hi Shmarkit), you’re not traveling with my mom, so staying healthy might actually be a whole lot easier. Here are some of my top tips to make sure your vacation doesn’t turn into you completely falling off the health wagon.

Staying Healthy When Traveling

  1. Focus On Breakfast: Don’t start your day off on the wrong foot. Yeah pancakes, waffles, and sweet rolls sound amazing, but you can get that anywhere. Make your breakfast count and make it a nutritious one. Go for some eggs, sausage, and fruit. You have two other meals to overindulge, so make this one nice and light. If you LOVE breakfast foods (pancakes, waffles, etc.) then choose a different meal to  limit a little. I personally choose breakfast because if I start the day eating right, I’m more likely to want to continue eating that way.
  2. Watch the Drink Intake: When my sister and I were younger and my family would travel to Hawaii, my mom would always say “Only one drink (obviously not alcoholic…we were like 12) a day…too much sugar”. I’ve continued to apply this “rule” to my life whenever I travel. Drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, have so much SUGAR. Limiting yourself to one a day is definitely going to help you stay on track a little. Obviously, if you’re going out at night to a club or something, I say full send, but don’t do it every single night.
  3. Find a Way to be Active: Whether you go to the gym, workout in the hotel room, or do activities, make sure you’re doing SOMETHING. I like going to the gym majority of the days I’m on vacation because I hate going back home and being completely out of shape. If I can just do 30 minutes of cardio a day and some strength exercises, then I’m set. There’s so much you can do to just get your body moving a little and not be so sedentary. Even walking throughout downtown or wherever you are is a good option! Here are some of my favorite moves to do at the gym right now.
  4. Drink Water: When you are dehydrated, it comes across as cravings. So you may really just need water, but your body and brain are telling you to eat some fries or whatever. This definitely leads to overeating and eating when you’re not necessarily hungry. Making sure that your water intake is all good is so important and so helpful for staying healthy.
  5. Don’t Stress Too Much: You’re on vacation. Vacations are supposed to be stress free! The last thing you want to do is stress about staying healthy. There’s honestly no need to stress because a slip up is not the end of the world. Even if you choose to just completely let go when on vacation, who cares? Vacation doesn’t last forever, so you can just get back on track when vacation is over!

I hope this was helpful for the next time you travel. I know I’m definitely someone who stresses out about overeating or eating really shitty foods when on vacation, but trust me, I never regret drinking that Pina Colada or eating that Hula Pie! Just being mindful of it all is important. What do you do to stay healthy when traveling?



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