What I Packed: Cabo

What I Packed: Cabo

It is officially vacation time! My mom and I are going to Cabo! We’re actually sitting in the airport right now, waiting to board the plane. I wasn’t going to post anything today, but thought I better.

When it comes to packing, I’m the world’s biggest over packer. I bring so much, but only end up wearing about half the things I pack. Better over prepared than sorry, right? Here is a little of what I packed for my trip to Cabo!

My Suitcase

Obviously since I’m going to be sitting on the beach or in the pool, I need swimsuits. I like to have a lot of different options, so I packed four (well five tops, four bottoms). I really like bathing suits from Abercrombie, Lululemon, Billabong, and Target.


Next, I pack shorts. We’re there for seven days, but I definitely don’t need seven pairs of shorts. I like bringing a few pairs of jean shorts (high-waisted are my favorite) and a few pairs of cotton twill shorts…so comfortable. Again, I like shorts from Abercrombie… the best! They fit the best and they’re the CUTEST!


I never dress up during the day on vacation. I like t-shirts and shorts… nothing fancy at all. I packed five t-shirts (one not shown) and a few tank tops (I actually only ended up bringing the black and navy blue striped one). My favorite t-shirts are from Adidas (been obsessed with this one lately), Lululemon, Brandy Melville, and Abercrombie (shocker) or Hollister. For cuter tank tops, Forever 21 is the play. Cute, trendy, and affordable.


Workout clothes are a MUST! I have to workout while on vacation…like HAVE TO! I don’t go every single day, but I’d say the majority of the days I go to the gym. I packed four workout outfits. If I go more than four days, I always just wear my moms workout clothes since she literally doesn’t sweat at all. Can you tell I’m a Lululemon fanatic? My favorite workout tops are the Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew. There are so many different color options and they are the BEST material. My favorite shorts are the Tracker Short V and the Hotty Hot Short II. Honestly, no other brand compares to Lululemon’s workout clothes. Worth the money in my opinion.


The last thing I pack, in terms of clothes, are dresses. I always wear dresses to dinner or in the evenings when I’m on vacation. They’re so cute and so effortless. Abercrombie has hands down the BEST dresses. I’ve been loving this first dress (the white one) A LOT. Almost decided to wear it for graduation, but chose to wear a different one. Other good places to get summer dresses are Forever 21, American Eagle, and PacSun.


My Carry-On

This is my carry-on bag…a nice big Kate Spade bag. I love bringing this bag because it’s big, so it fits EVERYTHING, and it’s also open, so it’s very easy to access everything (such as wallet or passport). Much easier than a backpack in my opinion. Here’s a link to a similar Kate Spade bag.


Inside of my bag is the interesting stuff. Kidding it’s not interesting at all… just the basic stuff that everyone brings. I like to journal on the plane because it’s the only time I actually feel bored enough to do so. Don’t you LOVE my avocado journal? So cute. It’s from Target in case you were wondering. I also bring my laptop so I can watch movies. My all-time favorite movie is CRAZY RICH ASIANS! I bring headphones so I can listen to music and watch my movies. My headphones are the Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones. Socks are a MUST…if I’m not already wearing them. The airplane is cold and my feet freeze very easily. The last thing I bring is a book. I usually don’t read on the airplane, but I will read throughout the week. I’m currently reading Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis. I actually haven’t started it yet, but I heard it’s good.


I didn’t add a few things to this such as my wallet and my passport, but that’s a given. Can’t wait to finally be in Cabo and can’t wait to get TAN! Going to be a really nice week away and then when I get back from Cabo, I go to Portland! Such a fun and exciting two weeks. Stay tuned for Cabo updates.



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