How I Deal With STRESS

How I Deal With STRESS

I’m the type of person who can stress out about anything, no matter how small the situation. I literally cannot chill to save my life. I can’t tell you how many times my friends have told me that I need to smoke weed to relax a little bit. I’ve never tried it because I don’t smoke, but I’m starting to agree with them…but I’ll never find out if it actually helps.

Although I’m a stressed out mess 99% of the time, there are a few things that actually DO help me relax slightly. Everyone is different and everyone handles stress differently, but this is what works for me personally. Finding your own way to deal with stress could be really beneficial and I highly recommend it.

Dealing With Stress

  1. Sweat It Out: If you’re a consistent follower of my blog, then is it any surprise that working out is a way I deal with stress? I personally think not. When I’m stressed, going to the gym really clears my mind. I like being around other people, but not having to interact with them… it’s calming. I also like having sweat drip down my face. It’s gross, but it really is a GREAT feeling.
  2. Listen to Music: I feel like listening to music when stressed is really common, but it honestly helps a lot. I get so lost in the tune and the lyrics that I start to forget what I was stressed about. Some of my favorite artists to listen to when stressed are Ed Sheeran (always), Train, and anything Disney Channel (puts me in such a great mood).
  3. Drink Tea: I’ve been obsessed with tea recently and I have no idea why. It’s so good though. When I’m stressed, I love steeping some tea and just sitting on my bed. The warmth of the tea really relaxes me. My personal favorite teas right now are Pukka Three Ginger Tea and Open Nature Happy Tummy Tea. There are so many good teas out there. I’ve tried A LOT and have found these two to be my favorite.
  4. Shower: I love HOT showers so much…emphasis on HOT. They are so nice and just make me feel GREAT. I don’t understand people who take cold showers. Like HOW AND WHY? I personally like my shower steaming… so relaxing! Best way to just chill out.
  5. Cry: Okay, I definitely don’t do this every time I’m stressed out because holy that would be WAY TOO MUCH crying. My eyes would constantly be puffy and that’d just be really unattractive. However, I’m not going to lie, sometimes I am completely stressed out to the point where my emotions take over and I just bawl. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that at all. It helps me rather than bottle it up. It’s okay to cry, so CRY!

I do these things to relieve my stress, but by no means do they completely relieve it. I’m still stressed out after, but it does help a little bit. If you have something that helps you destress that you think I should try out (besides smoking weed), comment down below. I’m open to most things.



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