Eight Things I Regret From College

Eight Things I Regret From College

My four years at the University of Oregon were amazing. I genuinely had a great college experience and feel so lucky that I was able to make life-long friends, study a really fascinating subject, and live in a different state from where I was raised.

Although my experience was almost perfect, there are definitely a few things I would do differently if I had the opportunity to. I thought I would share those today and hopefully if you’re still in college, you can learn from my regrets.

Biggest Regrets From College:

  1. Study Abroad: Going to a different country and learning about a new culture while also getting college credit is honestly a once in a lifetime opportunity that I didn’t take advantage of. I knew in high school that I wanted to study abroad, but when I got to college and talked to an advisor, they told me that Human Physiology majors typically don’t study abroad during the school year because they would fall behind due to all the freaking sequences we have to take. This discouraged me from looking into programs that I could’ve done over the summer. I’m bummed I lost that opportunity because who knows when I’ll be able to travel to a new country.
  2. Work: I started working my junior year. Although I didn’t love working in the dining hall, I met a ton of cool people and I also made a decent amount of money. I wish I started working from the get go because I think it really did play a positive role in my college experience.
  3. Going to the Bars: I turned 21 November of my senior year. At that point, EVERYONE was already 21 and going to the bars. When I finally was 21, I didn’t even go out. I didn’t start going out until my last term of college…and it was SO FUN! By no means am I some crazy partier or drinker, but I really enjoyed socializing with my friends and just being care free (getting ready and dressed up was fun too). I wish I started going out at least a few times a term when I actually did turn 21. I didn’t know what I was missing out on.
  4. Human Physiology Major: This one is interesting. I loved my major A LOT. Like learning about how your body works and what is going on inside is so interesting to me and just seems so important to know. I had great professors and took a lot of courses that lead me to my dream career path. I definitely don’t regret majoring in Human Physiology; however, I feel like I’m a much more creative person and not so technical. I wish I explored different classes rather than taking all science classes. I think marketing would’ve been really awesome or product design or entrepreneurship. There’s so much out there. I wish I wasn’t so narrow minded.
  5. Asking for Help: I’m totally not the type of person to ask for help when I’m struggling. I like trying to figure things out for myself. That definitely came and bit in the behind this year. I was taking HARD courses and I NEEDED the HELP, but just never asked for it. I’ve learned that I need to get off my high horse and just ask for help before it’s too late. It will make me A LOT more successful. Drew, please help me.
  6. Intramural Sports: All four years I played intramural ultimate frisbee. It was my favorite time of the year because I loved being on a team again. I loved running around, laughing, and throwing the frisbee with a great group of people. I wish I participated in more intramural sports because I think it would’ve given me something to look forward to each term. I always thought about playing intramural basketball or flag football, but just never did. Sad.
  7. Exploring Oregon: I’d say I did a decent amount of exploring Oregon, but now looking back, there’s so much more I want to see! I feel like I created a list of places I absolutely loved in Oregon and would just visit those as frequently as possible. I should have gone to those places AS WELL AS other, NEW places!
  8. Interning: I interned at HIV Alliance my last term of college. I basically handed out needles and other supplies to hardcore drug users and gave them information about HIV and Aids. I met a ton of really cool people at my internship and wish I got to know them longer. I also interacted with a different community, one that I otherwise wouldn’t even think about interacting with. I think the internship really opened my mind and gave me a new perspective. I wish I had more time to intern.

That looks like a pretty decent list of regrets. College is only four years. Four years to do so much. Four years to try new things! DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN! You definitely don’t want to look back and say “what if” or “I wish I did this”. If you still have time, then do what you’ve been wanting to do! Learn from my mistakes… I make A LOT of them. Enjoy college to its entirety.



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  1. July 10, 2019 / 6:02 pm

    Wow you’ve done so much in your college life. Quite honestly I hated studying abroad (Hong Kong) but everyone has different experiences. I too didn’t ask for help and I definitely regret it, especially with my mental health. I didn’t realize that people genuinely want to help and not everyone has malicious intentions. Thank you so much for writing this post because I just graduated too and found it super relatable.

  2. taynoble
    July 10, 2019 / 10:35 pm

    Thanks for your comment and support! Glad you found it relatable! Congrats on graduating!

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