A Week In My Life

A Week In My Life

This past week (July 1- July 7) my boyfriend came to visit me! He’s from Portland and hasn’t really explored the Bay Area too much, so I was happy to show him around and take him to some of my favorite places. I typically don’t really like people coming to my house because I hate feeling like I have to entertain them, but I’m really glad he came! Thank you for visiting me Drew (because I know you’re reading this).

I thought I would share a little of what we did. It was definitely a nice week break from my typical routine.

Drew didn’t arrive until Monday night, so my day consisted of working out,  going to the eye doctor, mentally and physically preparing for a job interview, playing tennis, eating dinner with Erin’s family, and feeling excited to go to the airport! He didn’t get in until around 9:00 pm, so we just watched the Bachelorette when we got back home. WHY IS LUKE SO ANNOYING!?

For the whole morning I couldn’t freaking breathe because I had an interview at 11:00 am. I felt bad because the interview was taking up my whole concentration, but whatever. Once that horrible thing was over, we went to visit UC Berkeley because Drew thinks he may want to go to optometry school there (soooo smart). We walked around the campus a bit (Oregon campus is 100x prettier…just saying). After, we got lunch downtown and then drove home and went to the gym. Pretty chill day I’d say.


This was our early start day. We left the house around 8:00 am and headed south to Big Sur. Once you get to Carmel and continue down 101, the drive is SO pretty. It reminds me a lot of Hawaii, just not as warm. I recommend stopping along the way to take pictures. It’s honestly the most scenic drive. We went to Andrew Molera State Park and did a 6 mile hike. It wasn’t too bad at all. A little steep in the beginning, but then downhill A LOT. The scenery was really beautiful. After the hike, we stopped in Carmel to get lunch and go SWIMMING. Yes, we went into the ocean…full body…in clothes. We’re dumb, but it was fun and it’s kind of our thing. Of course, we went to the gym after (because he’s crazy). He ran 3 more miles and I didn’t do anything 🙂


Fourth of July! We started the day relatively late, but sometimes you just need to sleep in yeah know? Once we finally got up and ready, we headed to San Francisco. I’m not the biggest fan of the city because I think it’s disgusting, but I do think there are a few great places to visit. We started off at the Sutro Baths. I have no clue the significance of this or what it even is, but it’s cool! We then walked about 0.5-1 mile to the Lands End Labyrinth. I’ve been seeing pictures of this place all around Pinterest and Instagram and really wanted to find it. It’s pretty cool, but definitely a one and done thing. The cool thing about this place is that you can see the Golden Gate Bridge. On this day it was pretty cloudy, but on a nice day, I bet it’s a great view. After, we went to Golden Gate Park. I’d never really explored around here and I didn’t know that there was so much to do! We first saw some windmills then drove down to the Conservation of Flowers. I personally thought this place was so freaking cool. It’s honestly a jungle inside (also very humid). We then walked to the Japanese Tea Garden and nearby was a lake that we stopped at. I definitely want to go back to Golden Gate Park and find more hidden gems! We made our way back home and had some STRONG drinks (courtesy of my dad) and dinner with my family.


This day really started out LATE. We didn’t leave my house until 11:00 am, but that’s okay. We went to Capitola, my personal FAVORITE beach town in the Bay Area. We sat out on the beach for a little while and OF COURSE had to go SWIMMING in the ocean. I got knocked over by a wave, but it was worth it because it was an easy way to get fully emerged into the water. After drying and tanning a little more, we walked around the town searching for t-shirts/souvenirs. That was a fail, but I did get more Sex Wax car freshener…my favorite. We ate lunch at Margaritaville, a pretty popular restaurant in Capitola and then we went back to the beach. I tried burying Drew in sand, but that didn’t work out too well. We then headed home and went to the gym. I ran 4 miles, which I’m personally very happy about because I’m trying to make my way to a 10k.


Last day with Drew in town…sad. We started off running the Stanford Dish. I died. He did not. He freaking ran the whole thing. I trailed behind him trying to keep up as best as possible, but then I wanted to die. He’s too fit for me. After, I needed hot chocolate from Cafe Borone obviously (they have the best hot chocolate). We then went to lunch at Sprout in downtown Palo Alto. Honestly, my favorite place to eat. Their salads are SO good and they also have really good sandwiches. We were really exhausted, so we went home and napped for a while. Post nap we went to Stanford mall and shopped… kind of. I love shopping. We ended the night going to dinner with my family and getting ice cream at Salt and Straw (my mom’s new addiction).


This week was so fun. I’m so glad Drew came down and I’m so glad we got to spend a ton of time together. Despite some bumps in the road, it was really nice getting to know each other more and building our relationship! I can’t wait to visit him in Portland! I miss you Drew!



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  1. July 10, 2019 / 6:04 pm

    You guys are too cute!!! I cannot. I think my favorite part was all of your pictures. And I would’ve loooved to have gotten hot chocolate at a cafe! I’m so glad you were able to spend a week like this with someone special. 🙂

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