Let’s Talk Plants

Let’s Talk Plants

I am super excited about this post because it involves plants and my friend Mekinsie. I met Mekinsie during summer school in 2017; however, I think just this year I found out about her LOVE for plants. This chick is a plant fanatic…you should’ve seen her house at school. Literally plant heaven.

She has inspired me to incorporate plants into my life. They sure make any area a lot cuter. I’m not the best at keeping plants alive, so I asked her to give me some of her advice. I thought I would share what she had to say. She is truly a plant EXPERT!

Q&A with Mekinsie

Q: When did you start getting into plants?
A: When I moved into the dorms freshman year I got a parlor palm from Ikea. That plant never died and was super cute so I decided that I wanted to live in a jungle… Lol. When I first moved into our house with my roommates, I bought a couple of plants from Home Depot and put them in my room. I bought a peace lily and a pothos.


Q: Do you have a favorite indoor plant?
A: My favorite indoor plants would be the fiddle leaf fig and monstera deliciosa.


Q: Why do you love plants?
A: I love plants because they bring nature indoors and I feel very peaceful when watering and grooming them.

Q: How do you maintain all your plants?
A: I touch the soil of all my plants each week and water the ones that are dry. I water them thoroughly until it comes out of the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot.


Q: What advice do you have for someone who wants to start incorporating plants into their life?
A: Buy a pothos or peace lily because those plants are very forgiving and are easy to care for! Make sure to listen to your plants and change your routine if you notice that it is losing a lot of leaves or is drying up. Dry and crunchy leaves mean you are under watering and soggy and brown leaves most likely means overwatering. Do your research on your plants to understand the best way to care for it.


So cool am I right? Doesn’t this inspire you to go out and buy some plants? It sure makes me want to turn my future apartment into a plant sanctuary. Also, can we just talk about how great her photos are? Goals. Make sure to follow her plant Instagram: mekinsie.flora! Thanks Mekinsie!





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