Graduation Photos Round One

Graduation Photos Round One

Hey all! So I’m officially graduating in one freaking month! At the beginning of the term I was so ready to leave and be done, but now I’m starting to freak out and I’m not ready to leave! It’s so weird how when the end of something comes closer and closer, emotions and opinions change! Please let me stay in college (jk let me pass all my classes).

The other weekend, my roommate, Aly and I took graduation photos! We got our makeup done at Mac (honestly I don’t think I would go again, but it was pretty fun). We then spent HOURS on campus taking photos. It was really fun, but my feet were killing me… time for new shoes! We just got our photos back from the photographer. I really like them!

I thought I would share a few of my favorite photos from the graduation photoshoot. Hope you enjoy!

IMG_4250IMG_4284IMG_4413IMG_4591IMG_4732IMG_5181IMG_5273IMG_5101IMG_5413IMG_5877IMG_5886IMG_5904IMG_5960IMG_6002IMG_6042IMG_6130IMG_6208Well I hope you liked my photos! I’m taking more with my other friends in June, so I’ll definitely be posting those too! Looking forward to it.



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