Last week I posted a blog post about how I wanted to get back on track in terms of fitness and health. I mentioned that each week I would set a goal or I would choose to eliminate something that would essentially lead me to a healthier me.

I just completed week one of getting back on track. My goal for this week was to cut out added sugars to my diet. I was still able to eat fruit since they contain natural sugars and I honestly don’t know what I would eat. Was I able to do it?

Week One Update: 

I think I did pretty well with this challenge. I noticed that the first half of the day I could stay away from sugar no problem. I didn’t really have any cravings for it at all, but come dinner time and after dinner, everything changed. I craved something sweet after dinner almost every night. Of course I couldn’t let myself do that though! Will power.


Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I stayed away from sugar the most I think. Thursday I got an Açaí bowl with granola and other toppings. I’m pretty sure the granola has sugar added to it, so that was a fail. In my defense, the Açaí place I go to is having a raffle giveaway for a free ticket to Hawaii, so I have to win that and get as many Açaí bowls as possible! That was pretty much the only sugary thing I ate Thursday, so I guess not TOO bad. Friday I decided to try a new boba place. Obviously boba has sugar, but I was craving it after a long week!

Honestly, I feel like I did better than I expected for this sugar-free week. I noticed that my face started to clear up (maybe due to the fact that my period stopped), I didn’t feel really tired during the day, and I got decent sleep. I don’t know how many of these are attributed to no sugar though. I think I will continue to do this challenge because ideally I would like to come to a point where I’m not craving sugar at all.

Fitness Goals Update: 

In the post a week goal, I also shared my fitness goals. I thought I would update you all on that as well.

  • 5 mile run: can only run a little over 2 miles at the moment (slowly making progress)
  • 3 minute plank: at a 1.5 minute plank
  • 6 pull ups: can perform 4 pull ups (only 2 away)
  • 40 push ups: best so far is 23 push ups

So basically I still have a long way to go for all of these, but hey I still have half a month to complete these! I got it I think.

Well that is all for the week one update. Week two is about start, which means green smoothies in replace of one meal per day. This is going to be very interesting. Definitely check back to see how that goes.


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