How To Be Okay Being Alone

How To Be Okay Being Alone

My senior year of college has definitely been different…lonelier. Freshmen year, I was living in the dorms, so I was constantly surrounded by people. It was almost too much and I craved and really valued my alone time. Sophomore year was better because I was just living with three other girls. I had my group of friends and when I needed my alone time, I got it. Come senior year. The first two terms were great. I spent a lot of time with my friend Kylie, but not too much time together. She freaking just graduated, so here I am alone. I have some friends that I occasionally hang out with, but not one friend who I could spend a good amount of time with, like I could Kylie.

This whole year, I’ve learned how to deal with being alone. It sucks sometimes, but honestly, the time alone can be beneficial. Today, I thought I would share some things I do so I don’t feel completely alone, even though sometimes I pretty much am.

Things To Do When Alone: 

  1. Go Watch a Movie: I’ve been watching a ton of movies. Two of my friends are shocked at how many movies I watch. My boyfriend used to have a movie pass, so he would go literally every single day. I started going with him and fell in love with watching movies. The first movie I watched by myself was “Love Simon”. I was literally crying alone in the theater… awkward. There was something really nice about going to the theater alone though. A lot of people my age are too self conscious about what other people will think if they go to a movie alone…just do it! Movies are great and you really comprehend the whole plot when you’re sitting by yourself in silence. Biggest pet peeve: people who talk during movies and people who check their phone! 
  2. Explore the State You’re In: I’ve done a good amount of exploring in Oregon, but there are still so many well-known sites I haven’t checked out. Now that I have the weekends to myself, I am definitely going to take time to visit those places because who knows the next time I’m in Oregon after graduation. I encourage you to explore areas near you or even places a few hours away from you. I don’t think you’ll ever regret a self-adventure.
  3. Get Shit Done: You’re alone. You have all the time in the world and no excuses to get a bunch of homework or work done. I personally like going to Starbucks on a weekend morning and just cranking out a bunch of homework and getting ahead for the week. Now that I am starting to apply for jobs, I also have a lot more time for that. I love doing my homework at Starbucks because it’s quiet, but there is also a good amount of people there so it doesn’t feel like I’m completely by myself.
  4. Clean Your Room: There is no better feeling than a clean and organized room. For all you messy people out there, you know it feels great when you have a clean room, you just refuse to admit it. If you have the time, deep clean your room. Go through your closet and sort your clothes. Get rid of things that no longer fit and try and sell it. I personally love the App Poshmark (click the link to shop my closet)! Also, wipe down any dust that has accumulated. My desk and bookshelf get super dusty…it’s gross. I make sure to wipe it down once a week. Cleaning your room is a one person job, so blast music, and enjoy it!
  5. Work Out: Working out is the best thing in the entire world. It makes me feel so much better and gets my mind off of anything. I’ve been running a lot recently and it has helped me with stress. If you’re alone, why not do something that will really benefit your health? You have to start somewhere and sometime, so start now.
  6. Catch Up On Weekly TV: You may not have time to watch tv shows during the week. Good thing the weekend is all yours. Catch up on the tv shows that you missed or binge watch Netflix. Honestly, watching tv relaxes me so much and makes me feel very at ease. Good tv shows to binge: How I Met Your Mother, This Is Us, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill

Well those are all the activities you can do alone that I can come up with right now. Don’t be afraid of being alone. Cherish it and view at a time to better yourself. Being alone and being okay with being alone is good for you. Leave a comment and let me know what you do when you’re alone.



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