Spring Break is over, graduation is right around the corner, and Taylor is looking and feeling really fluffy. April is the month to get back on track and just get SHREDDED! Just kidding, I just want to feel better and get fitter (more fit?)!

There’s 3.5 more weeks in April, so I’m creating three different categories that correlates to each week. Basically, each week I will focus on something whether that be cutting something out or incorporating something. I don’t know how this will work, but I just need something that will push me to get back on track! Here we go!

Getting Back On Track: 

  • Week 1: Cut Out Added Sugar
    • I have become a sugar ADDICT ever since entering college! I seriously crave sweet things all the time. It doesn’t help that my roommate makes cookies 🍪 a lot and that they are freaking delicious! Also, Starbucks and boba are my WEAKNESS. Both are loaded with sugar, it’s actually insane! Currently craving boba as I write this.
    • Well for the first week of me getting back on track, I am cutting out added sugar. The only sugar I can eat is fruit. I don’t think I could ever cut out fruit because it’s so yummy and healthy. This is going to be the toughest week out of all of them!
  • Week 2: Replace One Meal With a Green Smoothie
    • A lot of people might think that replacing a meal with a smoothie is unsafe and just promoting an unhealthy way to lose weight. I’m not trying to do this to lose weight, I just need a way to get in all my greens. Smoothies are the only way I can do this because I don’t really like eating greens as a meal.
    • Smoothies are great because you can pack so many nutrients in them and they taste great! Also, you can make so many different flavors of smoothies and they are really filling. I will probably replace dinner with a smoothie because I love breakfast way too much and I don’t want to be peeing while I’m at school if I have a smoothie for lunch.
  • Week 3: Only Whole Foods for Snacks
    • I really like eating popcorn, protein bars, and cheese sticks for snack. All three are not that bad for you, but they are all processed. Processed foods are so bad for you. They are filled with chemicals and just do nothing except harm one’s health.
    • I will not eat processed foods for week 3. Instead of the snacks I typically choose, I will gravitate towards more whole foods such as apples, carrots, etc. I think that this too will be extremely difficult, but definitely doable.

I’m really excited to share my results for each week. I’m not trying to lose a ton of weight or anything, I just need to get back to my fit self. I think these three weeks are going to be really difficult, but it’s exactly what I need to kickstart me getting back on track! I thought I would also share my April fitness goals in this post as well.

April Fitness Goals: 

  • Run 5 Miles
  • Hold a Plank for 3 Minutes
  • Perform 6 Pull Ups
  • Do 40 Push Ups

What are your fitness goals or your own personal ways to get back on track? I’m curious to know what work for you!