Boston: Day 3

Boston: Day 3

I’m finally posting what I did on my last day in the East Coast. It hasn’t been that long, but I did write my other posts day after day, so it seems like a while ago, if you know what I mean. Day three was not very exciting and mainly consisted of eating and traveling, but I thought I’d still share what I did.

Day three: 


The day started with my mom and I going to the gym…per usual. Once we got back, we did some last minute packing. Am I the only person who likes packing? I find it very therapeutical and feel like it’s some sort of puzzle. After packing, I really wanted to walk the other half of Newbury Street. I was in search for this one really cute, preppy store, but I think it closed. A lot of stores actually closed…sad. 😔 We got hungry so we decided to go to Tatte again! Boy I could NEVER get tired of that place. I wish it was everywhere.


As we walked back to the hotel, we stopped by Georgetown Cupcakes. This place was on TV and looked really good, so obviously had to try it. We got 6 cupcakes total: 4 for my parents and 2 for me. I got coffee cookies and cream and salted caramel. They were both very, very sweet, but good.


We chilled at the hotel a little bit until it was time to meet my dad for lunch. We went to Earl’s Kitchen in the Prudential Center. I heard of this place from a few Youtuber’s that I watch…typical. This restaurant is really nice looking and also offers a variety of food. When I say variety, I mean variety. There’s sushi, steak, rice bowls, fist…literally everything. My mom and I split the sushi and steak, while my dad got some Korean bbq bowl. Both were really delicious!


After lunch, it was finally time to head to the airport. My parents flight was an hour before mine, but I still decided to just go to the airport with them. I flew back to Eugene.

I hope you enjoyed my East Coast travel diaries or blog posts (whatever you want to call them). I cannot wait to do more traveling and write about it. Next big trip…TAIWAN!




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