Boston: Day 2

Boston: Day 2

Ah a full day in my favorite town! Day one was pretty unexciting, but day two was really fun and long! LOTS and LOTS of walking.

Day Two:


My mom and I started the day again going to the gym. I feel extremely out of shape and low-key can’t wait to go back to school and get into the swing of things again. After working out, we went to breakfast at this place called Tatte. I heard of this place from two Youtubers I watch, but I’ve also seen it on a few blogs. The aesthetic is so my vibe. If I were to have my own coffee shop/breakfast place, it would look pretty much identical. The black and white tile and the white subway tile….ugh I’m dead! I’m obsessed with how cute this place is!


Aside from Tatte being the cutest restaurant ever, the food was also amazing. I got a croque madame and my mom got a breakfast sandwich. Both were really good, but mine was better in my opinion. Croissants are just so freaking delicious! We also both ordered a chai latte with soy milk! This chai was so delicious…probably one of my favorites. Would have been really good iced! Might get one tomorrow to be honest.


Now that our bellies were full, we were ready to start the day! If you’re familiar with Boston, then you know Acorn Street. It’s my obsession and you’ll find out why in a little bit. We started our walk to Acorn Street and walked through Boston Commons, a giant park. It’s beautiful during the summer time. So green and the pond is filled with water and there’s a lot of people just out walking around. However, winter is so different. There was barely anyone there and it was all brown. People think California is brown…the east coast is way worse! We still got some cute photos on this one bridge!


We finally made it to Acorn Street… my favorite street of all time. It is so small and narrow, but it has beautiful cobblestone. Apparently it’s one of the only roads in Boston that still has cobblestone. The houses look adorable from the outside and I’m craving to go inside one of them. Eventually I will go inside one because I’ll own one hopefully! We took lots of photo here of course! Everyone goes here because it’s a great photo op!


After our little “photo shoot” we made our way east to Faneuil Hall, a market/mall. There are a lot of random touristy gift shop stores as well as classic stores that are all over the country. I got an ADORABLE shirt from American Eagle that I’ve been wanting for a while now. And the best part, I got it on sale for $16!


My dad called us saying he was done working, so we decided to Uber back to the hotel so I could change my shoes. If you are walking more than 2 miles, don’t wear boots. Once I changed into more practical shoes, we headed to Newbury Street, a great street for shopping. On our way there, we stopped at Boston Public Library. Can we please just take a minute and look at how insane this library is. Every other public library I’ve been in is so ugly compared to this beauty. Like holy!


We ended up walking about half of Newbury Street. It’s a really long street and takes a long time especially if you stop at a lot of the stores. We stopped at Shack Shake to have a quick little lunch. Still not as good as In ‘N Out and will never be. We went into a lot of stores on Newbury, but didn’t get anything. We will finish the rest of the street tomorrow before we go to the airport.

That complete’s day two in Boston. Boy do I love this town! The brown stones are magnificent and just so interesting to look at! I will live here one day… mark my words! Tomorrow we fly back home. Well my parents are flying home, I’m flying back to Oregon. Check back for the last day of Spring Break!



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