New York City: Day 1

New York City: Day 1

It’s officially Spring Break! After a really tough term, I thought a NYC/Boston trip was a must…even though now I wish I kind of choice to go to Hawaii…but I’m still happy I am on the East Coast. I am here with my parents and am in NYC for 3 full days and Boston for 2 full days. I thought I would do a post for each day, so make sure to come back and check out what I do for the rest of the week!

Day One: 


Day one started off with breakfast at Cookshop in Chelsea. The menu was small, but it had a lot of really good things on it. I decided to get beignets (my favorite donut things ever) and scrambled eggs. The eggs were a tad bit too salty, but the beignets were so freaking delicious! I highly recommend those if you go there. My mom and I also shared one of the green juices. The juice was very delicious if you’re into healthy tastes!


Since we were already in Chelsea, we decided to walk the High Line and go visit Chelsea Market. My mom and I already did both the last time we were in NYC, but my dad has never had the opportunity to. The High Line is honestly so cool. It’s essentially a mile-ish long walking trail that is not on the ground. The views are really cool. Chelsea Market reminds me of the Ferry Building in San Francisco. It has a lot of food places and just little shops. I definitely would go at least once.


At 2:00 pm, we had tickets to watch the Broadway play, “Waitress”! I have been wanting to see this play for so long, so I was so excited I was finally seeing it. I knew all the songs because I discovered the soundtrack about a year ago. Before we went to the play, we walked through Time Square a little bit. That place is freaking CRAZY! I love that it’s so lively, but it can for sure get really overwhelming. We stopped to watch a little show that was being put on by random people and my dad got chosen to be apart of it! It was hilarious! We then went to go watch the play. IT WAS AMAZING! I am so obsessed with the music and want to watch it again! I’ve seen a good amount of plays, but this has to be my new favorite. GO SEE IT!


The last thing we did was go to dinner. My mom wanted to go somewhere fancy, so we went to Del Fresco’s, a steak house. It was really nice. The restaurant had floor to ceiling windows, which allowed us to view the city. I got a moscow mule (my go-to drink). The waiter barely believed that I was 21…typical. The food was amazing, but made me so freaking full. I honestly HATE the feeling of being overly stuffed.

Day one was so fun! So glad to be back in NYC. Don’t forget to check back and see my what else I do this week during Spring Break!



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